Peyton Manning's Struggles Are Cause for Concern in Indianapolis

Trever RobyContributor ISeptember 15, 2008

Ever since his rookie season in 1998, Peyton Manning has been an impact player for the Indianapolis Colts. Many believe that without him the Colts would be nothing. At the end of the NFL's second week, that statement appears to be true. With Manning hampered by injury, the Colts are suddenly in a lot of trouble.

Peyton Manning endured knee surgery late in the offseason and did not take one snap during preseason. It is not surprising that he was not fully ready for the start of the season, but his performance didn't get much better in Week Two, either.

The Colts just slipped past the Minnesota Vikings for a comeback win Sunday. However, we all know the Colts are better than that. Manning has already thrown two interceptions, and he has already been sacked four times. These numbers are very un-Peyton-like, if you ask me.

Those who have been watching the Colts for years know that Manning does not look nearly as comfortable in the pocket as he used to. His completion percentage in Week One was only 61.2. Week Two's 61.9 rate was hardly better.

So far, Manning's passer rating is 77.5. That doesn't seem that bad for only two games, right? Not for Peyton Manning. He topped that in college after only two games. The last time his passer rating was that low in the NFL was his rookie season, when he had a passer rating of 71.2. That was also the last time the Colts went 0-2.

For the Colts to win in the long run, Peyton Manning needs to find a groove and start playing like the Peyton we all know and love.