Ned Yost...You're Fired: Milwaukee Brewers Seek Change

Christopher BremnerCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2008

Following a four-game skid and falling back 7.5 games of the division lead, Ned Yost has been fired as the Brewers' manager.

With two weeks left in the regular season, and in second place in the division, the Milwaukee Brewers will have to adapt to a new face in the big seat. The team will now be led by interim manager Dale Sveum, who has served as the team’s third-base coach.

With recent production lacking and the pressure building up, it was clear the Brewers had to make a change, but is that smart this late in the season? Aren’t they still slated to make the playoffs? Well, not exactly. The recent meltdown is all too familiar to the Brewers, who watched their playoff opportunity in 2007 disappear to the Cubs late in the season.

The news of the Ned Yost firing came a day after the Chicago Cubs invaded the Milwaukee Brewers’ home field and truly made it their own. Carlos Zambrano threw a no-hitter for the first time in Miller Park’s history, and it was the first time a no-no had been thrown in Milwaukee since June 19, 1974, when Steve Busby did it for the Royals. Unfortunately for Milwaukee, the closest Brewer was about 850 miles away.

The Cubs’ historic win in Milwaukee, against the Astros, truly added insult to injury for the troubled Milwaukee Brewers.

The Brewers are tied for the wild card with the Philadelphia Phillies, and they still hope to make the playoffs. The last time the Brewers made the playoffs was 26 years ago, when they were still part of the American League.