Matt Cassel Does His Job and Does It Well

Shawn OwensAnalyst ISeptember 15, 2008

Matt Cassel did his job as a quarterback and team player for the Patriots. He managed the game and didn't put the Patriots in any bad situations.  He got the ball to his playmakers and let them make the plays.

There are a few notes I took away from the game.  First, I thought the Patriots' coaching staff did a nice job on the play calling and were very calm with Cassel throughout the game.

They were showing that they have confidence in him.  It was a smart move by the Patriots, who would rather take the "if you do something wrong in the game don't worry, you will get yelled at on Monday" approach.

Second, I was impressed with the kind of athlete Cassel is.  He's big, he's mobile, and he has a good arm.  He wasn't afraid to run, and it showed that he really does know the playbook and the offense.  

It is good to see that he learned a lot as a backup to Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, and Matt Leinart.  He now is learning how to put all that knowledge together to make himself a very efficient quarterback.

Another big week is in store for Matt Cassel, as the Patriots travel down to Miami to play in yet another important AFC East matchup.