Notre Dame-Michigan.. On Second Thought..

Tony BishopCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2008

Let me first say one thing. 

Last week I ranted about the whole "Crank me up" thing going on. This week, on second thought, I'm in love with it. Maybe its a little corny for a bunch of upper-class Notre Dame students to be chanting the name of a rap song, but the defense loved it. Hell, the whole team fed off of the newly created momentum starter.

On Saturday, I got cranked up big time.

For the second straight week, my opinions of the game have changed within 24 hours.  Last week, I couldn't wait to criticize our team until I slept it off. This week I wanted to come on here and call the Irish the greatest team we've had in over a decade.

Today I think differently. I know I ripped on John Saunders as much as the next guy for his comments about Notre Dame getting six gift turnovers from Michigan..but didn't we?

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