Ed Hochuli Snubs Chargers in Denver

Mike EnrightContributor ISeptember 15, 2008

Watching that Chargers-Broncos game yesterday made me realize that Ed "Hercules" Hochuli is human. I always thought that dude was half-man-half-transformer.  The dude is cut up and always orders an extra small uniform.

As big as he is, he probably felt pretty small after making such a horrible call in Denver.  If you saw the game you know which one I'm talking about.

Jay Cutler fumbled the ball with 40 seconds left in the game on San Diego's five-yard line.  The Chargers recovered the fumble and sealed up a hard fought victory on the road.  Then Hercules made the most ridiculous call I have ever seen.

At first, he ruled the play incomplete.  Then he called it a fumble.  However, even though the Chargers recovered the fumble, he gave the ball back to Denver.  Denver went in for the touch and we were looking at overtime.  But then Mike Shanahan decided to go for two and got it.

Denver got a lucky one there and now the 0-2 Chargers have lost two of the more heart-wrenching games this year in the NFL.  Usually, Hercules is as solid as they come, but he blew this one for Charger nation.

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