F1 Stewards: Should They Be Full-Time?

Adam PooleAnalyst ISeptember 15, 2008

With all the controversy of the Belgium Grand Prix this year and several other incidents over recent years, I can't imagine any Formula One fan hasn't asked themselves whether F1 stewards should be full-time.

Full-time stewards bring plenty of advantages with them—consistency is just the start. Training could be the first step for any "wannabe" steward, which will cover not only the FiA rule book but also real-life racing conditions. This would allow for fair decisions to be made in real time with a graduation process from "trainee" to "senior."

If stewards were to go full-time, they would be unbiased and support the sport in general. I understand the cost this may incur to the FiA, but surely this would be minimal and would be a far better option than having many fans turn away from the sport because of inconsistent, biased, and sometimes stupid decisions.

A board of "senior stewards" would discuss each race at the end and give a general overview to the FiA and cover uncertain issues that occured throughout the race.

Personally, I think this is the way forward, and the only way the FiA is going to get any respect back into the sport.

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