Jacksonville Jaguars Dissected, Part One: The Quarterback

KebContributor IJanuary 19, 2011

Garrard will start for the Jaguars next season
Garrard will start for the Jaguars next seasonSam Greenwood/Getty Images

Every Wednesday, I like to take a look at a certain part of the Jaguars since we seem to be in a time where not a lot is going on.

So in this first part of dissecting the Jaguars, I want to take a second look at the most obvious position of which everyone seems to have an opinion: the quarterback.

Let's face it, David Garrard is going to start next season. The Jaguars do not have another option at this point. Will the Jaguars address this needed position in the draft?

Some would say the dire need for defensive help would not allow the Jags to use a first- or second-round draft pick on a quarterback. Let's take a second and assume that they did. Who could they get?

The Jaguars currently have the 16th pick in the draft. Andrew Luck is staying in school, Jake Locker is out unless they trade up, and Blaine Gabbert is probably going to be drafted before the Jaguars pick, too.

I can't begin to guess why the Jags would pick a Cam Newton type of quarterback since they seem to have that kind of player already with David Garrard.

The Jaguars would do well to draft a player like Ryan Mallett, but a source close to me has said that they are concerned with his character and that could possibly hurt his draft status.

If the Jaguars have done one thing right in their never-ending saga of rebuilding, it's making the players with major character issues disappear.

So realistically, the Jaguars are looking to a late draft pick to be the first quarterback they have drafted in eight years.

This doesn't mean that the Jags can't get a QB. I have said that this team can be ready to win very soon with just a couple of moves in the free agency market. Quarterback most certainly can be one of those moves.

Currently, the Jaguars have David Garrard, Luke McCown, Trent Edwards, and Todd Bouman on their roster. McCown and Edwards are free agents, and it doesn't look like the Jags are going to sign either of them.

Let's look at some other quarterbacks the Jaguars could get who are free agents this year.

The most notable free agent this year is Peyton Manning. I will go on record by saying that if Jags owner Wayne Weaver had all of King Midas' gold, he still wouldn't get Manning.

The Colts are going to make him one of the highest paid players in NFL history this off-season and why would Manning leave the Colts? He is already the head coach, offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach and General Manager of the team.

Nothing happens on that team unless Manning says so. That's power!

That brings us to Michael Vick. Does he stay with the Eagles or does someone else pay him the money that he so desperately needs due to his legal issues?

I think that Jaguars fans need to forget about him too, but it might be something to think that Kevin Kolb could wind up in Jax.

He says he is going to be a starting QB in the NFL, and Jacksonville might want to pick him up and see what he can do.

I would love to see Kevin Kolb in this role, but with his contract, Weaver would never allow this to happen and besides, this would be a trade and not a free agent pick up.  

Do I need to bring up the newly retired Brett Favre?

I didn't think so. Moving on.

Seneca Wallace has been good when given the opportunity, but to me this is kind of like drafting Cam Newton. Why would you have two mobile QB's on the same roster? It just doesn't make sense.

Garrard has proven that when he uses his legs, he can make things happen, and that's the only reason they should look at someone like Wallace. This is a non-issue. Wallace can go to some team like Buffalo.

Matt Hasselbeck is coming off one of the most embarrassing playoff runs ever. He needed a great run by Lynch in the game against New Orleans to not be one and done and go home with a 7-10 record.

Instead, he led the team Charlie Whitehurst probably should have been starting on to a embarrassing loss in the second round to a much better Chicago Bears team.

That being said, Hasselbeck does bring a lot of experience to any team he joins and that's something that is very valuable, especially in the locker room.

I think this is another non issue as well as I believe Seattle is going to do whatever they can to keep him, probably against their better wishes.

Who is blamed for the downfall of the Carolina Panthers? Does it go under the adage that the buck stops with the Head Coach? Well, he is in Denver now.

So who do you blame now, Jimmy Clausen?  Whoever you are going to blame; you can't really blame Matt Moore, can you? I think the Jaguars would pass here as well due to questions about health.

Even more (no pun intended) the fan base would have a hissy fit due to another no-name quarterback that they would really have to develop.

In my experience watching the NFL, if you're going to develop a quarterback, how about you draft one?

Alex Smith and Troy Smith are both free agents. I think San Francisco will probably hang onto Troy Smith and let Alex go.

I would have loved to see what this guy could have done if he would have had a stable offensive coordinator, but the fact of the matter is all he brought to the Bay Area was disappointment.

He was supposed to lead this team to the playoffs this year and it didn't work out so well. I think that this would be a good pick up for the Jags being that he has some experience and still has some youth.

He also is more of a pocket passer than some would believe. He might be a good fit for the Jags if they could go and find someone he could throw it to, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. That's next week's subject.

Lastly, can someone tell me how the Arizona Cardinals did this year after they cut Matt Leinart? Not very well, huh? Well, he would also be someone that the Jaguars need to look at picking up, but there is one major problem.

The Texans would give him another contract just so he didn't sign with a division opponent.

It's enough that they have to deal with the Colts, they don't need to give away a potentially good pick up to lose the series against the Jags, who have seemed to have the Texans' number in recent years.

Other notables include Brady Quinn, Brody Croyle, Chad Pennington, Rex Grossman and Dennis Dixon. Out of all of these, the Jags might go for Grossman.

Whatever the Jaguars do, they have to address this year in one way or the other because the Garrard clock is going to run out soon.

I know Wayne Weaver thinks that the Jaguars are "This Close," but without someone leading the team, we might see a couple more 8-8 seasons.

So long until next week, when we look at what the Jaguars need to do at the wide receiver position.


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