Denver Broncos: Pick a Pair...of Points and Wins

Christopher ThorntonCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2008

There's been a lot of static about the Chargers-Broncos game over the officiating. To me, all that is beside the point. Let's look at the real story: a story of winning and losing. A story of not going for the tie, about winning a football game rather than prolonging it by going for overtime.

The Denver Broncos grew a pair, a pair of points. They went for a two-point conversion after a touchdown when an extra point would have tied the game. They tried to win, when failure would have meant a loss. They ran a play, tossed the dice, and let the offense win the game. 

Isn't that why you turned on the TV in the first place? Isn't that why you were watching the NFL rather than the PGA? Isn't that football?

Overtime is a badly-matched mishmash of timing, rules, and random chance. Making decisions with the goal of reaching overtime is its own punishment. Lose the coin toss, and your defense has to prevent a field goal that means the end of the game and a loss. 

I can't stand overtime. I don't know how to fix it, so my solution is quite simple. No overtime. If a game ends in a tie, then count the tie as a loss, by both teams. This puts the motivation right where it needs to be.

Play the game, because the game is timed. When the time expires, the game is over.  When your offense sputters in the second quarter, it might very well cost you the game. If your defense blows an assignment and lets an easy touchdown on the board in the third quarter, it might very well cost you the game. 

Football should be four quarters, not four quarters with an option for more if everyone agrees. 

If you want an exciting game, then just realize that it's already there for you. It's been there all along. If you don't like last-second field goals and numerous overtimes, then don't support overtime, or the coaches that wind up there. 

Play football, rather than a best-two-out-of-three field goal kicking contest. My best to the Denver Broncos coaching staff and their new pair...of wins.