ITV To Be Renamed

baz 82Contributor ISeptember 15, 2008

ITV to be renamed to BTV, read on...

There was a real air of excitement when this formula one season kicked off for me, and that's because I was there.  The roaring engines, the smell of burning fuel and rubber, the five dollar hot dogs, the scorching Melbourne heat.  Pure motor-sport heaven.

It's difficult to explain the contrast in experiences between watching the event live and viewing it on a small box inside your living room, but before you start suggesting I should just upgrade to a larger television, I'll explain why that just won't cut it.

Despite the financial implications of making such a luxury item purchase as a huge wide-screen plasma or LCD with full surround sound, there is SO MUCH that goe's on at a formula one event that at the time, I believed to be non-existent on TV. 

There's interviews, grid girls, support races, grid girls, oh and did I mention F1 cars? I fell in love with it all, but heartbreak what was soon to follow!

Australia's television coverage of formula one events had -- at least till that point -- fallen off dramatically.  Qualifying was cut and polished into nothing more than a sixty minute highlight reel (including advertisements).  The race was pretty much just that - the race.  No pre-race interviews, no grid girls, and very little analysis, news updates or professional commentary.  I thought I was destined to live out the remainder of the formula one season in mourning, just waiting till I could get back to Albert Park in 2009.  But an amazing thing happened, with the addition of high speed Internet to my home, I found ITV on the web!

The first few rounds were bliss.  There were interviews, featurettes, news reports, the grid girls, and most importantly, uninterrupted coverage of both formula one qualifying and the race on Sunday afternoon.  Had all my dreams come true?

Not really, even in the beginning there was always a bias towards Lewis Hamilton and McLaren, but it wasn't until sometime around Monaco when it leapt out at me, and moved from being just a subtle irritating background noise, to the equivalent of having a large pink elephant, crapping himself in my lounge room corner with old spice girl songs blaring on his stereo.

The last few weeks have been impossible.  HAMILTON CUT THE CHICANE AT SPA - DEAL WITH IT!!!

Argghh.  Am I the only one fed up with the liquid fecal matter that comes out of the mouths of these moronic commentators?

Ok, maybe that last comment is a bit harsh.  They're not ALWAYS moronic - but can they pull their head's out of Lewis Hamilton's arse for long enough to come up with an unbiased pre or post race analysis.

The Monza qualifying broadcast was riddled with back-handed remarks about Hamilton's penalty, directed at the FIA, the race stewards, and even Ferrari.  What the heck did Ferrari have to do with it?  Why should ITV present anything other than an UNBIASED representation of the facts of what happened, the rules outlined by the governing body, and the events that have since followed the outcome?

If I wanted to hear a Hamilton fan express how great he and the entire McLaren organisation is and how wrong the FIA, Ferrari, and anyone not British and in love with Lewis Hamilton is, I'd just read more articles written by those people on Bleacher!

In closing, I put forward that ITV should be renamed to BTV, for BRITISH TELEVISION, so as foreigners such as myself don't get confused and think it's for the international community.

Thank you!