"San Diego Chargers Had Two Chances" Arguement Invalid

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIISeptember 15, 2008

I have read a couple of Bronco media stiffs that are saying that the Chargers had two or three chances to stop the Broncos, even after the bad call by Ed Hochuli.

Are you kidding me?

What about the fact that the Broncos had numerous chances to stop the Chargers and could not do it?

San Diego's offense marched up and down the field all day. I can guarantee that if the Chargers had fumbled the ball and then went in for the winning score, these compete idiots would never make a ridiculously stupid statement like "they had two chances!"

That is just dumb.

The game is won by not making mistakes and the bottom line is San Diego had one turnover in the game—which was completely bogus—and it led to a Denver touchdown. 

Denver had one non-turnover that was completely bogus, which led to a Denver touchdown and two-point conversion.

That's 15 points handed the Broncos, and they only won by one point. 

San Diego's offense played mistake-free football, but it was two mistakes by the ref that caused their downfall. Ed Hochuli essentially turned the ball over on behalf of the Chargers, twice. That is just absolutely ridiculous.

The Chargers did stop the Broncos twice. Once on Denver's opening drive, and they were likely to go right downfield and score themselves, only to be robbed by Ed Hochuli. And again on Denver's final drive, only to be robbed by Ed Hochuli.

Once is horrendous, but twice is highly suspicious, especially from a guy with a history of bad calls in Chargers games.