Patriots' QB Is King of the Cassel

Alex PotterCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2008

In the game against the Jets on Sunday, Patriots QB Matt Cassel made almost every reporter in the country look like they didn't know what they were talking about. He really stepped up his game, maintained composure, and let the defense and running game do what they do best: win games.

Yes, Matt Cassel is only ranked 15th in the league in passing yards, but that did not stop him from leading crucial drives and delivering in the clutch just like Tom Terrific. Get this: Matt Cassel has a 70.7 percent completion percentage. Sound familiar? Tom Brady only had a 68.9 percent completion percentage just one year ago.

As far as the running game was concerned, Lamont Jordan and Kevin Faulk really stepped it up when the Patriots needed it most. Short routes and screen passes really determined a crucial fourth quarter stop.

Defensively, the Patriots were okay. When it mattered, they stepped up. But as far as the first three quarters were concerned, they played horribly, despite an interception by Brandon Meriweather off of Favre that turned into a quick seven.

The special teams units were very good. I definitely liked what I saw as far as the punt return team bringing the ball back into Jets territory almost every time.

Matt Cassel has definitely stepped up to take on orders from mastermind Bill Belichick, making him the King of the Cassel.