From Guts to Glory

Kenny Bowyer@kennybowyerContributor ISeptember 15, 2008

There was controversy.  There was intrigue.  There was drama.

Just another week in the NFL.

The Chargers-Broncos game on Sunday afternoon had it all, but to Charger fans around the nation, the game could have perhaps lost it all.  At least the AFC West.

There's no question that the Broncos were the beneficiaries of two very important calls.  Just like last week in the BYU-Washington game, referees took the game away from the players, and put it into the stripes' hands.

However, no matter how bad the calls were, you can't take away what the Broncos did, and the guts that head coach Mike Shanahan had to go for the win, rather than a tie and head to OT.

That decision alone, may be the make-or-break moment for the Broncos (and the Chargers), and set the tone for the entire season. 

Everyone will have their opinion of the officiating and the outcome, but nobody can take away the resilience of Bronco signal caller Jay Cutler, and the guts coach Shanahan had.