Carmelo Anthony Should Take LeBron's Advice and Join 'Stoud'

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Carmelo Anthony Should Take LeBron's Advice and Join 'Stoud'
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Sure, I'm biased here, but I think Carmelo Anthony should listen to LeBron James and team up with Amare Stoudemire. 

It was probably mostly LeBron's big head fueling the comments, but he may actually be right. LeBron told Melo at his wedding this summer that if he wanted to beat the Heat, he would need to do it as a Knick along side Amare. 

He's probably right in that is the only way the Knicks would win a playoff series against the Heat, but that isn't the only way the Heat can be taken down. Don't forget about the Celtics. 

Amare is great, he's done great things with the Knicks, but we can already see all this pressure is taking a toll on him, although he did just score 41 against the Sun. 

This proves that Amare cannot do this all on his lonesome with role players, and as of now, that is what the Knicks are. 

Amare is THE ONLY star on that team. Sure there are other players who are playing great, but I'm not sure any of them are great players yet. Wilson Chandler and Landry Fields surely have the potential to be great, but they are still young, and a lot can happen—good or bad. 

Not so long ago, the Knicks had a big-man, who was great, greater than Amare. His name was Patrick Ewing. 

Patrick is the greatest Knick of all time. He played 15 years and is 16th all time scoring, sixth in blocks and 24th in rebounds. 

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Sure, that will keep him remembered as an all-time great, got him in the Hall of Fame, earned him 11 all-star team selections, rookie of the year, first overall pick, but it didn't get him any rings. 

Not to say he wasn't on good teams, but he never had that other superstar on his level. He always had either role players or small stars. 

Amare isn't on the same level as Patrick, and that is why it is all the more important for the Knicks to get another star with him. Carmelo is that star. 

The Heat have three, the Celtics have three, the Lakers have two. The Knicks have one. They need to add Carmelo and bring a ring to New York for the first time since 1973. 

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