The 10 Best Trades in Seattle Professional Sports History

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The 10 Best Trades in Seattle Professional Sports History

Although Seattle is a beautiful city with crisp snow-capped mountains and pristine waters, building professional sports dynasties is not our gift. In general terms, our teams are terrible.

Be it stadiums built on ancient burial grounds, or just incompetent management, Seattle's professional teams have been a complete disaster for decades. The trades we make usually blow up in our faces.

We have one single championship in the last half a century, and now that team is gone. Our baseball team tied a single season record for wins, but failed to make the World Series. When our football team finally advanced to the Super Bowl after 29 years of futility, referees stepped in and busted up the action.

And yet in spite of all of this, our teams have actually done trades that worked out. Not often mind you, but once in a while the fleecing goes in the other direction.

This article is devoted to those trades. The ones when Seattle teams have gotten the better of the deal.

First a few ground rules: All of the players in this list were drafted by other teams. Few could argue, for example, that Supersonic great Gary Payton didn't deserve to be at the top of any list featuring former fantastic players in Seattle.  But in this case he is missing from the list.

Why? Because he was drafted by the Sonics.

None of the following players were drafted by Seattle’s franchises.  They were all on other professional teams before we got them, acquired by smooth-talking yet handsome general managers. Usually because of inside knowledge by a recently hired Seattle manager and/or coach.

This should be a lesson for local fans who constantly whine and carry on about general managers not making enough trades.  As was evident when researching this article, the vast majority of great players were drafted by the team they play for. Very few impact players have been traded for, especially in Seattle.

Secondly, this article includes only major league professional franchises, and not the forerunners of the modern game. Early 20th Century Pacific Coast League teams, or the other semi-pro teams, are not included in this list. Undoubtedly there were fantastic trades made by the 1917 Seattle Metropolitan NHL team, but they’re not included on this list.

This article deals only with the modern era of the past 50 or so years.

Here now, the top 10 best trades made by a Seattle professional sports teams!

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