Redskins-Saints first quarter

Rich TandlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2008

12:21—The Skins are on the move, with Campbell completing his first three passes, the last two for first downs. He didn't release either of the passes quickly, but they found their targets.

11:24—Unlike last week when they were able to save their timeouts, the Skins burn one early on a third and short play.

11:09—Malcolm Kelly's first NFL reception is good for six yard on third and five. Let those last six words sink in for a moment.

9:15—Suisham wide left on a 49-yard field goal attempt. Still, a moderately successful first series as they got three first downs and established a degree of rhythm and consistency.

8:15—A very, very cheap flag on Rogers keep the Saints' first drive alive. Rogers didn't know where he was on the field. Spoiled a three and out.

8:04—I'm not sure why the defense is calling a timeout on first and twenty, but they did.

7:15—Another big play, an interception, was spiked by another penalty, offside. Griffin is right over the ball, not sure why he would jump. The Redskins should have had the ball back twice by now.

6:23—Finally, one that counts. Shockey with a catch, stripped by McIntosh, recovered by Horton. Shockey is worth one bad play per game when he plays the Redskins.

5:30—Portis is heating up as he runs twice for a first. He's running wide more today with the accompaniment of a pulling Randy Thomas and a charging Mike Sellers.

4:28—Moss has the Saints grabbing for air on a reverse.

3:22—Betts and Portis are working in the same backfield, play action to CP, swing pass to LB.

3:22—The third and final timeout of the half gets burned on a third and ten at the NO 24.

3:15—At least it worked. Campbell to ARE for the first down.

2:57—Kelly is in as a red zone target. Looks like they're going five wides.

FG Suisham 24
Redskins 3, Saints 0

1:20—Excellent kick coverage keeps the Saints bottled back at the 20. The defense needs another stand.

1:12—I think that Jason Taylor got a bit angry about the talk of his run defense being shoddy. He's been in on a couple of stops near the line.

0:31—Chris Horton with a pick in his first NFL start. Smoot got the tip. Great field position, the Skins need to punch it in for six.

End of first quarter
Redskins 3, Saints 0