Redskins Saints second quarter

Rich TandlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2008

FG Suisham 36
Redskins 6, Saints 0

--The defense is playing Reggie Bush tough. I doubt he has a net of anything.

12:41—Jason Taylor's first NFL sack is for a loss of 12 of second and nine. No escapeability for Brees there.

11:20—The Redskins defense is going to have to do it again. ARE fumbles the punt, the Saints are in business at the Washington 28.

Thomas 1 run (Gramatica kick)
Saints 7, Redskins 6

8:54—Well, the Saints didn't squander that gift. They pretty well drove it right in for the score. I'm beginning to join the doubters about Randle El being the guy that should be returning punts, although someone did put a hat right on the ball.

8:26—Nice runback by Cartwright, good for 36. He also was hit well after he was out of bounds, but no flag.

7:39—The Redskins again are in Saints territory thanks to a roughing the passer call. You can't hit the QB in the face mask.

6:48—Except for one play in the first quarter, Campbell has had all the time he has needed to throw.

5:39—Another FG attempt. Things are breaking down in the red zone.

5:18—A ugly, short attempt by Suisham there caused by a bad snap. You have to wonder if Frost could have handled it better. Just wondering.

4:33—Another offside against the Redskins, this time by Montgomery, another tackle.

3:26—Good defense on a third and short pass. A good rush and good coverage forced Brees to throw out of bounds.

2:38—Need to hurry up. The Redskins have no timeouts left.

2:00—The Redskins aren't in bad shape, just past midfield at the two-minute warning. But they have to hurry up to some extent. Three wides, Cooley, and Portis in, plenty of weapons.

1:40—Great RAC by Cooley down to a first down at the NO 17. He was wide open and was able to work up a head of steam before first contact. I think the whole Saint secondary took a shot at him before dragging him down.

1:21—I think Campbell is more of between the numbers passer. His two worst passes of the day have been to the left corner of the end zone from long range and neither has looked very good. He's better firing over the middle.

1:09—I'm not sure what the design of that third-down play was, but it ended up in the third row.

FG Suisham
Redskins 9, Saints 7

0:11—The Saints have quickly worked themselves from the hole into field goal position. If they steal three points here if they go in with the lead after having been thoroughly out played, it will be a huge boost.

FG Gramatica 49
Saints 10, Redskins 9