Redskins Saints third quarter

Rich TandlerSenior Analyst INovember 27, 2016

13:30—Redskins play tough two plays and the Thomas has nobody hear him on third and nine. I was about to write that the Saints have done, in the words of their former coach, diddly-poo offensively.

11:33—Another wide-open Saint on third down, this time David Patten. The Saints are on the move.

9:47—A guy makes his first NFL catch for a TD. Robert Meachem hasn't even been active in 17 games until today.

Meachem 19 pass from Brees (Gramatica kick)
Saints 17, Redskins 9

Obviously, the Saints made some halftime adjustments. Let's see if the Redskins do anything different on this drive.

9:42—Rock Cartwright makes a bad decision to come out of the end zone. If you do that, you'd better make it to the 20 and he was run out of bounds at the 17. He was pinned into the corner, no much chance of success there.

8:27—I do like the play selection. There it was a deep pass on first and a run on second. The pass was incomplete but Portis did a nice tightrope up the sideline for the first down.

6:58—Betts for 14 up the gut and then another four. He's running tough.

6:02—Another third down. Skins need six here.

5:56—A sack is negated by defensive holding. A good break for the Skins, just as they have handed the Saints a few.

5:39—There was a time this decade, very brief, that the Redskins could sell the screen pass and run it effectively. I think it was in '05. Before and since, it's been garbage.

5:01—Portis and the scrum keep fighting and he gets in for the TD.

Portis 9 run (pass failed)
Saints 17, Redskins 15

An impressive drive gets the Redskins a needed TD and gives the defense a chance to catch its breath. We'll see how well they counter what the Saints are doing.

With almost 40 minutes gone, the Redskins have yet to punt. I'm not sure if ARE's fumble counts as a possession, but every other time they've had the ball they have either tried a field goal or scored a touchdown.

5:01—Suisham kicks it out of the end zone. He's been kicking off well, a bit spotty on field goals (although a 49 yarder is automatic).

3:39—Excellent pursuit by the Redskins defense prevented a long gainer by Bush. He broke into the clear for a moment, but Landry was able to track him down after the play was strung out.

2:24—A sack by Griffin sets up third and 17. You know the Saints won't play if safe and they burn a timeout to call a play.

2:14—Bush tried to use the umpire as a screen after catching a pass, but he gained only nine and the Saints have to punt.

0:32—Campbell is sacked on third and short, Brooks come out for his first punt.

0:02—And it results in a Saints touchdown. Not very deep, it had decent hand time, but Bush made the play.

Bush 55 punt return (Gramatica kick)
Saints 24, Redskins 15

Nobody laid a finger on him. Those missed opportunities loom very large now.

End of third quarter