NBA: Blake Griffin Redefining Dunking as a Rookie

Nathan KellyContributor IJanuary 18, 2011

Blake Griffin (Right)
Blake Griffin (Right)Harry How/Getty Images

Just last year, I thought Blake Griffin was another classic case of a wasted talent going to the Clippers. But, after Monday night's game against the Pacers, Griffin has emerged as a young superstar in the NBA. Griffin led his team in scoring with 47 points and went 19-24.

That's more points than any other player in the NBA this season.

He did it with 78% shooting and without any of his Sportscenter "Top 10" dunks. There's no doubt he's the lone front runner for NBA Rookie of the Year, and I feel like there might be a few MVP awards under his belt in the years to come.

But, let's get back to his dunking. 

The NBA made its best decision of the season so far by inviting Blake Griffin to compete in the Dunk Contest. NBA All-Star Weekend has been boring at best the last few years, and Blake Griffin could revamp the weekend single-handedly.

I try to catch Sportscenter just to see if Griffin slammed one down in someones grill every time the Clippers play. Every so often, many players get a huge dunk on someone that turns out to be the highlight of their season. When Griffin had at least one of those every week, I became hooked. 

The impact this guy his made in less than half a season has brought comparisons of him to Michael Jordan.

I wouldn't go as far to say that yet, but his numbers and popularity are nothing short of MJ status. If you haven't hopped on the Blake Griffin wagon yet, watch a Clippers game this week and see how important this guy is to his team. His size and speed are similar to LeBron, and his intensity is like watching Tim Tebow when he played at Florida. And if you're lucky, you see a dunk that will make you leave your seat.