NCAA Football Week 3: Eight Things We Learned This Weekend

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NCAA Football Week 3: Eight Things We Learned This Weekend

We've been tossing the pigskin around campuses for three weeks now and, although not all colleges are in session, we are learning quite a bit on the weekends.  Here are eight valueable lessons from the weekend:

It's more painful to watch Charlie Weis do the splits than it is to watch Michigan do the spread.

Ouch on both accounts. 

On Saturday Michigan was down for the count early but "Cheeseburger" Charlie went down harder.  Here's the video. It's said that he tore is ACL, MCL, PCL, RCL, and ZCL in that little spill.  

I think Michigan sprained its Rich-Rod.

#33 for the Buckeyes should be playing on Sundays already.

His dreams of taking care of some unfinished business this year in Miami on the 8th of January turned into a nightmare in LA over the weekend. 

His Buckeyes got crushed by the Trojans on National TV.  National TV.  There’s no way that the nation will forget the 35-3 score or how easy the Trojans made it look.  The Buckeyes don’t have another game this season that can garner enough forgiveness to put them back into yet another BCS Championship debacle. 

At this point “Little Animal” should ensure he’s not injured and protect his draft status and the big payday he’s due.

Gary Pinkel will not be coaching at Missouri this time next year.

52, 52, and 69.  That's how many points Missouri has put on the scoreboard so far this season.  Chase Daniel, a Heisman finalist last season, and Jeremy Maclin are proving to be one of the most lethal duos of the season. 

Over the weekend Chase passed Brad Smith on the Mizzou’s all-time yards list.  But is it Chase or is it the system that Gary Pinkel instituted when he moved there from Toledo?

I have to think that it’s Gary Pinkle…he’s going to be a hot commodity this offseason and probably won’t be back in Manhattan next season.

Rick Neuheisel is going to need to use some of his questionable recruiting techniques to conquer the City of Angels.

Brigham Young 59


USC 35

Ohio State 3.

We learned on Saturday that UCLA isn’t knocking on USC’s door.  They’re not even making a collect call to the Men of Troy.  Sure, UCLA has injuries, but when USC has an injury it almost seems that the replacement is better than the starter.

The football MONOPOLY in Los Angeles is over...when USC says it’s over.

It's 2,806 miles from Berkley, CA to Chevy Chase Bank Field in Maryland.

Road games are tough enough, but when a team has to travel from the end of a time zone to the beginning of another time zone that’s three time zones away and ahead in time, it’s especially difficult (try saying that ten times really fast).

Tree Hugger U learned that this weekend in Maryland.  The, then-No. 23 California Golden Bears, didn’t appear to wake up until Noon West Coast time.  Which was just in time to find themselves behind by a bunch on the scoreboard.

Forget about chopping down those trees, how about adjusting your watch for the appropriate time-zone?

Stoops has produced a Miami-esque team in Oklahoma

92% of the nation knew what would happen in Husky Stadium Saturday.  The young Washington Huskies were going up against the mighty, the powerful, the vaunted Oklahoma Sooners.  Apparently the Sooners still felt it necessary to taunt the 35 point underdogs in their own tunnel.

Saturday night the Washington Huskies came out of their locker room and down the tunnel only to be greeted by their opponent, the Oklahoma Sooners, jumping up and down and taunting them in the tunnel of their own stadium.  If ever there was a reason to throw up a flag for Unsportsmanlike Conduct...

The Sooners are not methodical, they're not business-like...they're classless thugs—Kinda like Dennis Erikson’s Hurricanes.

Everyting IS bigger in Texas.

Hurricane Ike forced the postponement of the Texas Longhorn/Arkansas Razorback game.

Baylor wanted nothing to do with a setting up a game for a later day so they made the Washington State Cougars fly out for a big Friday night thumping. 

I guess God didn't hear that you don't mess with Texas.

The Husky Mascot, Spirit, isn't the only one licking their wounds this weekend in Seattle

The Oklahoman called it “regulatory measures taken by the Washington Offensive line.”

On a Washinton false-start penalty DeMarcus Granger did a bit of cow-tipping by knocked Husky RG Casey Bulyca on his can well after the whistle had been blown.  Out came they yellow flags and the officials enforced a 15-yard personal foul penalty.  On the subsequent play Granger received some “Husky Justice” in the form of a triple-team.  Granger came back onto the field on crutches later in the game.

The Huskies put some Sonic Boom in Oklahoma on that play.

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