Please Get Excited for the Bills, but Remember its Week 2

Colin GallagherContributor ISeptember 14, 2008

Yes. It's OK.

It's OK to get excited about the Buffalo Bills and they're 2-0 start.

It's OK to have high expectations for your team.

It's NOT OK, however, to only focus on the things the Bills have done right in their first two games, and ignore what they've done wrong.

Sure, the Bills beat the Jaguars on the road. Without question, it is a big road win, something recent Bills teams have not been able to do. But the Bills were not perfect Sunday afternoon. LT Jason Peters looked lost for much of the game. One can't expect him to be in Pro Bowl form 1 week after joining the team following a long holdout, but I think he should be expected to play better than he did this week.

Don't forget the slow start the Bills had last week at home...There were a lot of punts going back and forth between the two teams, and the special teams were responsible for 14 points, and indirectly 7 more. That production won't come every week.

Also, the Bills defense broke down on the first Jacksonville drive of the 3rd quarter after a good first half. The usually stellar Special Teams Unit got tricked following that drive, as the Jags recovered an onside kick. The Bills have in the recent past started off well, then stumbled towards the end of games. It looked like that might have been the case on Sunday, before QB Trent Edwards stepped it up in the clutch and delivered a 4th quarter TD drive.

The two teams the Bills have beat this year (The Jags and Seahawks in Week 1), have been beaten up. Obviously you can't blame the Bills for their opponents injuries, but it still makes me uneasy that our wins didn't come against healthy teams...

Another thing that scares me is that the Bills don't have many real tough tests this season. That is to say, their schedule doesn't include many playoff caliber teams. I'd like to get a better idea of where the Bills stand in the league by seeing them face off against the NFL's elite. But this year there's no Cowboys, Steelers, Giants, or Packers, and the Patriots are still a big question mark.

Nevertheless, the bottom line is what matters, and the bottom line is that the Bills have won their first two games. At this  point, I think most Bills fans would be happy win a simple playoff birth or division title (we'll save our Super Bowl fantasies for later in the year), so this year's easy schedule should be enough to keep Buffalo fans content, as it all but guarantees a playoff run. This team definitely has room to improve, and some of the young players will get better as the season goes on (i.e. Posluszny, Edwards, Lynch, Hardy), so there is enough to get Bills fans truly excited for the first time in nearly a decade.

All I'm saying is, remember its week 2, and 2 wins is a long way from a playoff bid.

This team seems to be intent on carving an identity for themselves. And a young, talented, hungry, and most important, confident team is a scary thing for the weakened AFC East and for the rest of the NFL.