Matt Cassel Proves Worthy of Kingdom

Nick ColonSenior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2008

Sunday validated many things in the football world. First of all, we now know the number one pick in the April 2009 draft either belongs to the Cincinnati Bengals or the St. Louis Rams. We also know that Keyshawn Johnson is the best ESPN analyst, at least when it comes to picking New England's games.

Johnson was the only one to pick the Pats in the game today at Giants Stadium, but what could be his reason? He said Bill Belichick was the reason for his choice, but could he really have had some faith in the four-year-backup from USC named Matt Cassel?

That leads us to the third point hammered home by Sunday's games. Matt Cassel is for real.

No, he's not Tom Brady. He's not even in the upper echelon of NFL Quarterbacks; however, Cassel showed New England fans that he could get the job done in the face of adversity. Cassel completed 16 out of his 23 passes for 165 yards with no touchdowns, but no interceptions.

Cassel led the team to two red zone opportunities early in the first half, coming up short on both and settling for field goals. He proceeded to maintain his steady play in the second half, with a down field bomb to Randy Moss in the 3rd Quarter, only for Moss to drop the pass. Nevertheless, Cassel persevered and led the Pats to a 19-10 win over the Jets.

If this is the way Cassel will play for the Patriots this year and it leads to the same results, I'm sure Pats' fans will be more than delighted with the outcome. Take that ESPN studs.