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New York Jets: The Red-Hot Women Who Drive Green & White Fans Mad

David RushCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2017

New York Jets: The Red-Hot Women Who Drive Green & White Fans Mad

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    I think most Jet fans would admit to being somewhat crazy.

    I mean they've been rooting for a team that has repeatedly broken their collective hearts for more than 40 years running. Many drink heavily in the parking lot, spike their thermoses, (residual to the heartbreak, or just because they like to drink on Sundays), blast the opposition with the worst kind of profanity-laced insults, (women and children be damned—or they throw in, too), and for the most part follow the lead of a guy who's had a fireman's hat attached to his head seemingly since the beginning of time.

    Yup, Jets fans are one rowdy, rootin', tootin' bunch. They like their football players hard and fast, if not altogether boisterous since that seems to be working at this particular time.

    And their women?

    Well, the rules are not so steadfast and true. Jet fans, the majority of the male species, maybe some of the gals too, want to be, need to be flexible when it comes to the fairer sex.

    That doesn't mean they'll altogether forsake their image as a tough lot. Easy to set off, massively opinionated—that's inbred in them as rabid fans, certainly as New Yorkers, too. 

    So let's see if we can make heads or tails of this list, The Red Hot Women Who Drive Jet Fans Mad, and when the opportunity presents itself elaborate on some of the reasons why. 

    Aside from pure aesthetics, that is.


    Enjoy, DR

Anna Benson

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    Let's start with an easy one, Anna Benson.

    It's been our experience, borne of their mutual Flushing roots that most Jets fans are Mets fans too.

    Several years back, in their continuing effort to upgrade a pitching staff that almost always ends up leaking like a sieve, they brought then-hard throwing, oft-injured right hander Kris Benson into the fold.

    Benson never lit the the team or town on fire, but his wife set off a storm almost from day one when in response to the inquiry, "what would you do if your husband fooled around on you," or something to that effect, she replied, in no uncertain terms, "I'd sleep with the whole god damn team."

    In some cities that might make her a pariah, but not in New York, where just about anything goes, and certainly not with Jets fans who in the throes of ongoing despair (not this year, but generally speaking) require something warm to think on when turning the lights off at night.   

The Jet Girls

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    In the endless comparisons with the crosstown Giants, Green & White fans can always point to their beloved Jet Girls and laugh it up a bit at the expense of their cheerleaderless co-tenants. 

    What's not to love about these ebullient, shapely young women, who can collectively make even the drabbest day seem bright? Nothing, really, though we can see where there might be one alluring addition pending. 

Oksana Andersson

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    A bit of Russian flavor in the form of astonishing, (even in black and white), Oksana Andersson. 

    The reasons why, aside from the ever growing Russian population in New York should be obvious, but if not... 

Oksana Two!

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    Here's some more Oksana.

Rachel Uchitel

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    As previously alluded to, it won't always be a love fest with Jets fans no matter how extensive the alluring curves. 

    Rachel Uchitel, once an entirely sympathetic figure having been pictured, sobbing, in search of her fiancee at the virtual 9/11 point of impact, has since done everything possible to make people, in this case Jet fans, (almost the same thing), feel like that was nothing more than a photo op en route to bigger and better things.

    A clubbie who slid into the role of promoter/solicitor, Rachel managed to capture the fancy of many a well-to-do man, but really hit the jackpot when she decided to briefly swap fluids with golfing great Tiger Woods.

    At first she denied the affair, then expressed great sympathy for wifey Elin Nordgren, but in the end decided a tidy payoff of $10,000,000 would be required to keep her from blabbing to Baba Walters, the National Enquirer, or whoever might have been willing to pay for the endless breadth of intimate tales and Tiger text messages she'd so fastidiously held onto for the sake of, what else, true love?

    All that having been said, one might imagine the less discerning Jet fan (meaning the majority) might think twice before kicking sexy Rachel to the curb.

    A word of advice, though, a cold one and an offer of a roll in the pickup truck probably won't do the trick with Uchitel.

Jenn Sterger

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    Jet fans also seem to have a hard time deciding how they feel about Jenn Sterger, she of the Brett Favre, she loves me, she would love to see a picture of my third leg, controversy.

    In a couple of other forums the word tramp, or worse, has been tagged to this young woman who never seems to miss a photo op like you see your left.

    For us, though, we think the ire of these relative few Jet fans (what are they, Brett Favre lovers or just plain chauvinist pigs?) is a bit misplaced and in reality the toughest choice for the rest of the kingdom is which view they prefer of Jenn, and, in this case, some of her friends.

    The front view...

More Jenn

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    ...or the rear! 

Meagan Good

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    Yes indeed, Megan was berry, berry Good for Jet fans. Quite possibly the team's hottest WAG ever (the girlfriend of ex-New York back Thomas Jones), or at least going back to the days when Joe Willie was ruling the New York night scene all those years ago.

    We don't know if she followed Jones to K.C., but there's an open invitation out there for Meagan to return home anytime she pleases. 

Jamie-Lynn Sigler

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    Jamie-Lynn Sigler, native Long Islander, is all grown up now and adult Jet fans no longer have to feel self conscious about being overtly attracted to her younger alter ego, Meadow Soprano.  

    As a nice Jewish girl who played an Italian mobster's daughter, she hits a couple of popular demographics right off (the second being fine Italian folk all over the state, no gangster laden ethnic stereotypes in this slideshow!)

    She dated Jet QB Mark Sanchez, which really brought her into the inner circle, dated lovable Turtle on the hit TV show Entourage—which might have seemed a little unrealistic except she happens to date the popular Brooklyn born munchkin in real life, too.

    At least as far as we know—we don't really claim to be entirely up to date on these things. 

Dania Ramirez

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    Come to think of it Turtle, (Jerry Ferrara as he's known in the every day), also gets to spend quite a bit of time rolling around in the buff with former smokin' volley baller, Dania Ramirez, too.  

    It pays to be Vince's wing man. 

Missy Peregrym

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    With only a couple of days to kick off, Jet fans are still trying to figure out what a beauty like Missy Peregrym was ever doing with ass-pincher like Ben Roethlisberger to begin with. 

    To her credit she dumped him, though we're not sure whether it was before or after this summer's Molestation in Midgeville incident. 

Scarlett Johansson

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    All props are given to native New Yorkers, though in Scarlett's case props would have been offered if she was a native Finlandian. 

Rosario Dawson

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    Another stunning, native New Yorker who's experienced big screen success in a number of off beat roles, Rosario first broke into the consciousness of Jet fans in the Spike Lee classic, "He's Got Game."

    Big Jet fan?

    Somehow I don't think that's a prevailing issue with the Green & White faithful.  

Ines Sainz

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    What more can be said about Ines Sainz and the New York Jets that already hasn't been touched upon?

    Not much, but you can still check out these bikini shots.

Lisa Dergen

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    There's not a red blooded American Sports Fan who's not crazy for Lisa Dergen. She probably won't leave her native Southern California confines for the blustery surroundings of New Jersey in the winter, but Jet fanatics definitely won't hold that against her. 

Brittney Palmer

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    Jet fans love the UFC!

Anna Burns

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    And they can't help but notice the incredible physical similarity between ring master Palmer and scorching hot Anna Burns. 

    Naturally the Green & White universe would love to see these two side by side.

    A cat fight though might simply be too much to hope for. 

Hillary Rhoda

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    Before Jet Q.B. Mark Sanchez ever took a professional snap he engaged in a no holds barred photo shoot with thrilling Hillary Rhoda.

    Clearly the response to the pair in print got Sanchez off on confident footing and though the two have since gone off in their own directions, Jet fans still owe Rhoda at least a small vote of thanks for her contribution to the teams success these past couple of seasons. 

    So on behalf of Jet fans everywhere, Thank You, Hillary!

Kim Kardashian

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    You think Green & White lovers aren't hot for Kim Kardashian too?

Mayra Veronica

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    They love her replacement in New Orleans, Mayra Veronica, as well. 

    Reggie Bush may be the most over-rated back in the NFL, but he knows what he likes in his women. 

Marya Two

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    Twelve Jet fans of retiring age are currently en route to the hospital with symptoms of cardiac arrest. 

Carmela DeCesare

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    From the day she attached herself to Jeff Garcia, Carmela's had a lot of explaining to do. 

    The only problem is once you get a look at her the only thing you can think to ask is will you marry me. 

    Which at least explains Garcia's side of things, though we wonder how many times he had to make the pitch before this astonishing female decided to sign off on the long term proposal. 

Larissa Riquelme

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    If she was willing to streak thru the streets of Paraguay in lieu of a World Cup title for her native land, New Yorkers want to know how she feels about downtown parades if the Jets can bring home the bacon February 7th in Dallas. 

    Imagine that!

Rosaria Cannavo

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    There's nothing a Jet fan prefers in parking lot fare then juicy, searing Italian Sausage.

    Italian heroes? Check. Meatballs and spaghetti? Check. A nice pizza pie? Check.

    We don't know if Sicilian export Rosaria Cannavo can prepare even the most basic native dish, but we know what we're looking at and it's way better than a plateful of spaghetti and meatballs. 

Rosaria Two

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    Just in case you needed any convincing. 

    Mama Mia!

Minka Kelly

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    Not all Jet fans go for the Mets, but even if they did they still couldn't resist the temptation of Derek Jeter's best girl who's recently been voted the sexiest woman in the country.

    Or was that the world .....    

Minka Two

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    .... it might have been the Galaxy. 

Paris Hilton

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    At first we threw Paris in here strictly for laughs. I mean can you picture her all decked out in pink with that little Chi Hua Hua Hua sitting amongst the Green & White masses screaming J-E-T-S, Jet's, Jet's, Jet's?

    But then we did a little background check and found out the lithe and undoubtedly flexible hotel heiress, actually attended the Dwight School in New York for her sophomore and junior years of High School and later the Canterbury Boarding School, in New Milford, Connecticut where she was a member of the ice hockey team.[6] 

    In February 1999, Paris was expelled for violating school rules, (an embarrassing drunken romp with the headmaster?) but still exhibited the fortitude to earn her GED only a few short years later!

    So: Some New York roots, hockey player, GED owner, has been known to party, and one can kind of picture her in a Green & White Jersey albeit with nothing other than her tasty bare essentials playing a complimentary role.

    Jet girl for a day?

    Or a night? 

    We'll leave it to the individual fan to decide, but we don't see any real reason why not. 







Gisele Bundchen

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    Finally though, in the case of the sun tanned stunner above, or to your left, Jet fans are definitely going to have to hold a grudge.

    That Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen is a death defying beauty cannot be questioned by any right thinking male or female. 

    That she adopted the city of New York as her home away from home was certainly admirable.

    But then she had to go and marry hated Patriot Q,B., Tom Brady, and for all the luxurious curves and ways that makes her persona non grata in the Jet Universe.

    At least during football season.


    And that's all she wrote!


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