New York Jets: The Red-Hot Women Who Drive Green & White Fans Mad

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New York Jets: The Red-Hot Women Who Drive Green & White Fans Mad

I think most Jet fans would admit to being somewhat crazy.

I mean they've been rooting for a team that has repeatedly broken their collective hearts for more than 40 years running. Many drink heavily in the parking lot, spike their thermoses, (residual to the heartbreak, or just because they like to drink on Sundays), blast the opposition with the worst kind of profanity-laced insults, (women and children be damned—or they throw in, too), and for the most part follow the lead of a guy who's had a fireman's hat attached to his head seemingly since the beginning of time.

Yup, Jets fans are one rowdy, rootin', tootin' bunch. They like their football players hard and fast, if not altogether boisterous since that seems to be working at this particular time.

And their women?

Well, the rules are not so steadfast and true. Jet fans, the majority of the male species, maybe some of the gals too, want to be, need to be flexible when it comes to the fairer sex.

That doesn't mean they'll altogether forsake their image as a tough lot. Easy to set off, massively opinionated—that's inbred in them as rabid fans, certainly as New Yorkers, too. 

So let's see if we can make heads or tails of this list, The Red Hot Women Who Drive Jet Fans Mad, and when the opportunity presents itself elaborate on some of the reasons why. 

Aside from pure aesthetics, that is.


Enjoy, DR

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