WWE Breaking News: Mason Ryan Debuts on TV During Raw

Big DallasContributor INovember 6, 2016

Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

*Breaking News* (no spoiler)


Tonight's Raw Main Event pitted a Nexus-less CM Punk versus John Cena. When the match seemingly neared the end, a man rushed out of the audience who I recognized as a Batista look alike and current FCW champion Mason Ryan. Ryan, with a large and menacing demeanor, was expected to make a large impact. He hit a running big boot on an unexpecting CM Punk and his finisher (a falling Rock Bottom type thing) on Cena. Nexus then came and he bowed, seemingly debuting as a member/enforcer of Nexus


Dallas' decision (corny right?):

I don't like this idea because of the traditional floundering of the enforcer type (Bam Neely, anyone?). I was hoping he would debut much like Brock Lesnar, with complete domination. Although time will tell if he succeeds on TV, he may not get time to display his abilities.