Meow Mix: The Detroit Lions Are Just Good Enough To Be Terrible

Daniel MuthSenior Analyst IJanuary 15, 2017

Do you know what really sucks about the Lions' 48-25 blowout home loss to the Green Bay Packers?

That it was 25-24 Detroit with 7:51 left in the game.

That somehow, after once again surrendering 21 points within a blink of an eye, Detroit battled back.

That Calvin Johnson is a beast (drop or two aside) and looked like he was ready to pull the offense along with him.

That the defense came up with a couple stops, forced a turnover, and seemed to be finding itself.

That I had written them off early, got completely suckered back into the game, and then witnessed one of the most profound meltdowns ever.

That they made me hope.

That it was a fool’s hope.

That Kitna looks absolutely limited, unable to throw to the sidelines, or really down the field at all.

That he threw three picks in the fourth quarter, none of which were even close, two of which were returned for touchdowns.

That once again we were forced to abandon the running game to try to catch up.

That our cornerbacks were falling down, our safties weren’t covering their deep responsibilities, and our schemes looked out of place.

That the coaching seems inept.

That they looked like the freaking Bad News Bears.

That there are a million more things I could point to that sucked.

That the Lions were just GOOD enough to battle back, but then absolutely TERRIBLE enough to let it collapse.

That I once again wasted a Sunday afternoon.

That I’m just stupid enough to do it again next week.

See you then.