JourFoot: France's New Home Uniform Is a Nice Blend of Blue & Italian

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IJanuary 19, 2011

The new home kit that Nike introduced this week for France is nothing short of cliche.

The shirt in resembles those currently worn by England, but according to coach Laurent Blanc, the shirt also looks "a bit Italian."

The French national team was in need of a makeover after last year's disastrous World Cup campaign, when the team's international profile was tarnished and questions regarding the team's cultural, racial and mental ethnicity were raised.

Despite Blanc's critical remark, the outfit itself is the representation of a classy tri-color French look from the past.

Perhaps fans and players alike will eventually warm up to the uniform.

They should, considering that Nike invested heavily into the new design.

The shirt is the first of its kind, but borrows from the National Basketball Association's Revolution 30 and the National Hockey League's RBK Edge concept in terms of compatibility, lightness, environmental footprint and shape.

Based on the pictures, the players look solid.

There are those who obviously wouldn't like the new look—but if there's one thing that is constant in life and in the uniform business, it's change.

Perhaps this change is what France needed after all: new coach, new emphasis on attacking play and a totally new kit to start the new year.

Vive La Libre Football.