WWE Making a Mistake by Expanding the Royal Rumble

Jack Windham@wr_revealedAnalyst IJanuary 17, 2011

WWE Midcard Wrestlers
WWE Midcard Wrestlers

Imagine this.

Vince McMahon walks up to a podium at a press conference, he tells the world that he has reinvented the wheel and then promptly pulls up a wheel in the shape of a square.

Well, that's essentially what McMahon has done this week to the Royal Rumble.

Earlier today, word leaked out that WWE had decided to expand the Royal Rumble. Rather than the traditional 30 men, this year's event will now involve 40 wrestlers (the original event in 1988 featured just 20 guys).

Not only is the Royal Rumble one of the best innovations in WWE, it's also one of the best ever in the entire wrestling industry. The battle royale had been around for quite some time, but it wasn't until McMahon came around and gave it some slight modification that it became a "can't miss" event.

After two decades of 30 contestants, it appeared as if WWE had struck the proper balance. It wasn't too little, and it wasn't too much. It was just right.

Now, they've expanded to 40 participants. Before, 20 of the guys had absolutely no chance of winning. We now have to sit through 30 guys who have no chance of winning.

Rather than trimming the fat, WWE basically just unnecessarily added more.


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