The Week It Was In Sports: 1/17

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The Week It Was In Sports: 1/17
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A run for the ages

It’s Monday morning, you’re tired and the five day journey of work or school starts again. This journey of hiding your favorite teams logo, taking all the “trash talk” messages and pictures down from other colleagues and deleting the emails that they sent you. Putting that aside, they’ll eventually let up and move on to another topic that could have taken place in the world we call sports.

Read these next 10 items that will make them forget about “your team” and “their team” and leave them saying “Wow, that happened?!”  Maybe a little bonding can make the loss and harassment of a favorite team go away like a receiver entering Revis Island.


Marshawn Lynch cut to the left to where it appeared he was going to get stuffed by two Saints defenders until he broke free breaking six more tackles for a 67 -yard touchdown. Qwest field went erupted as they were jumping up and down and screaming so loud that it caused an earthquake literally. The Seahawks would upset the Saints, 41-36.

They’re the Champs!

As the remaining seconds ticked down until the clock hit zero, everyone in Phoenix Stadium watched as Auburn kicker Wes Bryum’s kick went right threw the uprights to crown the Auburn Tigers with a 22-19 victory. Heisman trophy winner Cam Newton threw for 265 yards, two touchdowns and one interception, but the real story was about running back Michael Dyer. At first glance it appeared to be a five-yard gain. But after his teammates on the sideline said that he never touched the ground after being tackled, Dyer started to run again, picking up a gain of 37 yards that would lead to Bryum’s game-winning field goal. Talk about a great story to tell your grandkids.

Cleveland…we have a problem

On Tuesday night the Los Angles Lakers played the Cleveland Cavilers…trust me they did. Yes it didn’t look like an NBA team scoring 57 points in four quarters and giving up 112 points to lose by 55…but trust me it was. It was almost to the point where Bryon Scott was going to sub in those three girls in section 25 row B that or he was checking them out. Though all jokes aside they need help.

God was watching you too

After posting this on his twitter page “Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!” Lebron James claimed that it wasn’t about the Lakers blowout over the Cavs. I believe him…just as much I do about Charles Barkley saying that he’s going to lose weight. I mean come on man! You posted the message right after the Lakers beat your old team down, like what could you possibly have been talking about? Exactly. You lied. That’s a sin. Don’t forget. God sees everything. The Heat would go on to to lose in their next game to the Los Angles Clippers (on the same floor that the Cavs lost on the night before) and Lebron would suffer an ankle injury. Sound familiar Lebron? Ahh yes, it’s Karma.  

They just have bad knees

The Portland Trail Blazers might be the most injury prone team in the NBA. Greg Oden has yet to finish a season without ending it with knee surgery. Now it’s Brandon Roy who will have to undergo surgery on both of his knees most likely causing him to miss the rest of the season. That’s two superstars down for the count, who will be next? For Portland’s sake, hopefully no one.

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That’s Unbelievable

On Wednesday, every state except Florida had snow on the ground as a warm front was brewing. Later that night, Donald L. Tucker Center in Tallahassee, Florida was on fire as the Florida State Seminoles upset the No. 1 ranked Duke Blue Devils 66-61. You can call it crazy but wherever you were in Florida on Wednesday was crazy. This victory snapped the Blue Devils 25 game-winning streak and their No. 1 ranking.

He’s going pro

On Thursday quarterback Cam Newton and Heisman winner said that he was taking his talents to the next level. Meaning, that Newton will be able to get paid for his football talents legally. Just imagine if he did stay next year at Auburn his dad probably would’ve sold his Heisman trophy, his jersey after, his cleats, his socks and who knows what else. Congratulations Cam Newton and hopefully you can make some money.

Sorry Cinderella

After a shocking 41-36 win over the New Orleans Saints in round one of the playoffs, the Seattle Seahawks went into Solider Field looking to do the same, get a win. However, the Seahawks didn’t know that the clock was at 11:59 and this Cinderella story was about to come to an end. The Seahawks would have their last dance scoring off a Brandon Stokley 9-yard touchdown, but it wasn’t enough as the Bears would hang on and win 35-24. The clock would hit 12 and the ball was over.

Al Bello/Getty Images

The unbeatable is beatable

After suffering a 45-3 loss to the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football in week 13, the New York Jets were coming into this divisional game as unlikely underdogs. Though that didn’t bother them as the Jets would go on to win 28-21 sending the Patriots home packing. This is the Patriots third straight playoff loss as each loss has been one and done in the playoffs. In those games, superstar Tom Brady has thrown for 719 yards, five touchdowns and four interceptions. It now seems that the unbeatable is now very beatable.

There’s a new top dog

After beating the New England Patriots in New England 28-21, quarterback Mark Sanchez deserves some credit. The second-year quarterback threw for 194 yards and three touchdowns to lead his team that much closer to a Super Bowl. Though the quarterback usually gets the blame for a loss, how can you blame him? Sanchez has played in five playoff games winning four of them. Not bad for just two years. Now Sanchez looks to make it five as the Jets head into Heinz Field to play two-time Super Bowl winner Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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