Five Teams That Have a Chance to go Undefeated.

Logan SchellContributor ISeptember 14, 2008

Hey folks, this a list of five teams that I think could go undefeated. It's my opinion if you have anything to say please leave a comment. They are in no specific order.


5. USC

I think USC has a very good chance to go undefeated. They are led by their great quarterback Mark Sanchez and outstanding run game.

They have a couple hard opponents but I think that Oregon and Notre Dame will be the only teams that could give them a run for their money.


4. ECU

I know what you're thinking, but if they keep playing the way they have, they really don't have too hard a schedule left.

They are led by their strong running game. The only team I think could give them a hard time is Virginia, but their head coach Skip Holtz has too good a ball club to let that happen.


3. USF

The reason these guys could go undefeated is they have such an explosive passing game led by Grothe. They also complement their pass game with a very good run game.

They have one of the better offensive lines in the country, so they're a team I would watch out for. I think that West Virginia and Louisville could give them a hard game, but if they play like they played against Kansas, there's no one that could catch them this year.


2. Utah

Utah has a lot of things about them that are very dangerous. They have an amazing pass game. They do have talented backs, but most of them are young and will take a year or two to develop.

But the most dangerous thing about Utah is its special teams, which have always been good. One thing that Utah has is an easy schedule if they play great and not too many key people get hurt they will get to a new years day bowl.


1. Penn State

Oh no, here we go again: another Penn State team coached by a great "old" coach. Yes Penn State is a Big Ten team but with their strong run game and an even stronger pass game, I think Jo Pa finally did it.

The only thing that could stop them is that they are a Big Ten team and they will have to play the run-heavy Wisconsin and Ohio State. Need I say more?

So that wraps up the list of teams I think could go undefeated. Here are some other teams that I think could do it if they got their act together.

Wisconsin: They run the ball so much that it almost hurts them. If Evridge is OK from that hit he took against Fresno State, they could go somewhere, just not beat Ohio State.

Any SEC team: The SEC always has such good teams that it's so hard to be go undefeated, but some team could do it.

Finally, Missouri: They are definitely the team that is No. 6. They have such an explosive pass game led buy Heisman hopeful Chase Danie