Legion of Doom Resurrection

Chris DiFrancescoAnalyst ISeptember 14, 2008

Yes if your wondering about the headline, it sounds too good to be true right? Well how sweet it is, or could be. The Flyers first line going into October 11 against the Rangers will be look like this, Richards to man the center pos. followed by wingers Daniel Briere and Simon Gagne. Now I remember The original legion of doom with Mikael Renberg, John LeClair and the other name I won't mention were pretty dominant in their time together. With Richards, Gagne, and Briere playing together this potentially could be the most dominant line in the National Hockey League.

With Training Camp opening up this Sat. in Voorhees the Flyers will most likely work pretty heavily on this line. Their chemistry is more important than anything right now. They are all spectacular players but they could all be 50-goal scorers but in hockey if one of those players aren't clicking with the other than the line will deteriorate and eventually cause scoring problems. I will sit here and say I expect and predict all three to have 90-point seasons and with this move if it works as good as it sounds, then we could be seeing the Flyers as strong Stanley Cup contenders.

This move will not benefit them three but will strongly benefit Jeff Carter. The Flyers resigned Carter in the off-season and are expecting bigger and better things for the young gun. Carter will lead the second line and be the center-man alongside most likely Scotty Hartnell and Joffrey Lupul. Those two lines could produce plethora amount of points. If these lines work out, this team will be in one word, dangerous.