Brett Favre v. Aaron Rodgers: Week 2

David ArreolaSenior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2008

Part two of the most criticized article on Bleacher Report!

Last week the Bleacher community voted and showed their support of Aaron Rodgers. Both Rodgers and Favre had compelling arguments for the win, but I was a little more convinced by Favre's play.

Now for the Week 2 edition of Favre v. Rodgers.

Week 2

New York Jets          10
New England Patriots 19

Brett Favre: 18-26 181 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT

The Good: Not much on this side, the Jets offense struggled to say the least. One plus is that Favre did have a couple of really good drives that were stopped in the red zone. I am thinking particularly of the sputter at the 3-yard line and the atrocious missed FG by Jay Feely. If those opportunities are capitalized upon the Jets may have won this game.

The Bad: Too much in this category. Favre underthrew a lot of passes, namely the interception. His receivers couldn't get open and he was forced to either take the sack or check down to a running back. The Patriots defenses threw a lot of different coverages at him, and in his new playbook, Favre looked confused out there. While Favre gave the Jets the chance to win, he also kept them out of it by not throwing more down field.

Green Bay Packers   48
Detroit Lions           25

Aaron Rodgers: 24-38 328 yds, 3 TDs

The Good: He looked outstanding. The first half was all Rodgers. The touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson was to a work of art: Rodgers hit him right in stride. The pass to Jones was equally as impressive, as he kept the play alive long enough to zip it in for the touchdown. He made the Lions look as bad as they are with his stunning 60-yard pass to Greg Jennings.

When the Lions took the lead late in the fourth quarter, Rodgers went right down the field and took the lead right back. Great defense sealed the win for the Packers.

The Bad: I can't find anything bad with this game from Rodgers. He started out hot, and finished just as hot. Anytime you throw for 300 yds and 3 TDs, you didn't make a lot of mistakes. He cut down his running and zipped passes for first downs. I guess the bad was he had 14 incomplete passes.


The Pick

Last week was dead even. Both quarterbacks put in winning performances. This week, not the same. Aaron Rodgers was the clear superior this weekend.

Favre got no help from his defense or his play calling, but his decision making was no better. Rodgers made the plays when he needed, and made a lot of them. Rodgers played a terrible Lions team, and made them look like it. Favre played one of the best teams in the NFL. Yet the difference in stats and score is too much to ignore.

Favre 1-1 Rodgers

NOTE: I have the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket, so I watch ALL of both the Jets and Packers games. So you can be sure that I am watching all that I need to formulate the most accurate predictions and analysis.