NFL Playoffs 2011: 5 Things the New York Jets Must Do To Win the Super Bowl

Brett Appley@@BrettAppleyCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2011

NFL Playoffs 2011: 5 Things the New York Jets Must Do To Win the Super Bowl

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    Fireman EdAl Bello/Getty Images

    Rex Ryan and the New York Jets backed up their smack talk by defeating Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, 28-21. We only have to remember back to last year to know that the Jets have done amazing in the underdog position as they advanced to the AFC Championship Game before losing to the Indianapolis Colts.

    They are in the same spot once again and they'll need more then good faith to be able to continue this run and arrive home as Super Bowl champions.

5. The Offensive Line Must Stay Healthy

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    Damien WoodyAl Bello/Getty Images

    The Jets match up next with the Pittsburgh Steelers who have one of the best defenses in the NFL. Count on players like James Harrison, Lamarr Woodley and Brett Kiesel to blitz like crazy against the Jets offensive line.

    With Damien Woody injured, a major part of of the Jets offensive line, the rest of Mark Sanchez' protection must stay healthy or they won't be able to contain the Steelers defense, let alone the possibility of meeting up with Packers defensive lineman Clay Matthews in the Super Bowl.

4. LaDanian Tomlinson Must Run the Ball Effectively

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    Ladanian TomlinsonRick Stewart/Getty Images

    After losing to the New England Patriots multiple times in the playoffs as a Charger, LaDanian Tomlinson had his sights on victory. Although he only rushed for 43 yards, LT did get into the end zone with a short reception. He needs to continue to run with his heart on his sleeve.

    The Steelers have by far the best run defense in the NFL, so it won't be an easy task, but LT must be able to run the ball somewhat effectively if the Jets have any hope of winning. They simply cannot rely on the passing game.

3. Rex Ryan Must Provide His Team with Energy and Motivation

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    Rex RyanAndy Lyons/Getty Images

    Although it may not seem like much of a big deal, Rex Ryan's words have been a major factor in the success of the New York Jets. One thing is certain: Ryan absolutely loves the game of football and loves his team. He is by no means the best coach in the world, and he knows that. His motivational techniques, however, are some of the best.

    Rex Ryan shows every week that he believes 100 percent in his football team, and truly thinks they can and should come out with a victory. Without his belief, there is no way the Jets will be able to pull off any more upsets.

2. Mark Sanchez Must Be Consistent with His Passing

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    Mark SanchezJim Rogash/Getty Images

    Mark Sanchez has been pretty consistent this year, but there are also  times where he has looked very shaky. One of those times, was last night against the Patriots.

    Sanchez finished the game with three touchdowns and didn't have an interception so I can't give him much flack, BUT there were multiple occasions in the first half where he missed wide open wide receivers and that just can't happen.

    If Sanchez can hit his open receivers when they show themselves, the Jets have a good chance of pulling yet another upset, but the Steelers will be ready to jump all over him if starts to miss.

1. J-E-T-S! Defense! Defense! Defense!

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    Darrelle RevisAl Bello/Getty Images

    There's nothing better than watching a defensive unit shut down an offense that gets way too much attention. The old saying, "Defense wins championships," is completely true. The Jets defense is by far their best unit and even one slip up will most definitely cost them.

    Darrelle Revis was ready to hold out this season unless he got more money and its time for him to step up even more then he already has. Revis, along with Cromartie and Jason Taylor, are the backbone of this defense and they have to know that the fate of the Jets rests in their hands.



    My Prediction: Jets lose this week against the Steelers, 24-10. Sorry, Jets fans.