Liverpool FC vs Manchester United: The War at Home

Michelle AlvesSenior Writer ISeptember 14, 2008

Being from India and living in Dubai, it's very rare for me to come across a Liverpool FC supporter. Just recently, I visited Goa and everyone over there it seemed, liked Manchester United. They either had nothing much to say about Liverpool or everything against them.

It took some time to get used to, me harbouring such passionate hatred for Manchester and the rest of my family and friends being such die-hard fans. There were only two things to do. One was to keep my mouth shut and just nod along to what they said. The second was fight back, defend  the team that I love and I'm not one to sit down and watch.

The Battle

Although it was just a battle of words, the endless arguments and snappy comebacks bought a combination of frustration and fun into our household. As each day passed, I began to hate Manchester United even more, and came up with a million different reasons to convince others to hate them even more. It became a mission.

Lesson Learnt

We made a deal. We would get our answer. 13th September 2008. Liverpool vs Manchester at Anfield. The odds were against us. Torres and Gerrard were injured, history wasn't on our side with Liverpool suffering the most defeats to Manchester United than any other club. To add insult to injury, United manages to score a goal within the first three minutes. Important lesson No. 1: Don't take your anger out on the remote control.

Our first goal was a blunder, a mistake but we didn't care. It was a goal, it did count. There was hope! We could actually win this thing. Liverpool seemed to be on fire, it couldn't get better.

The second goal was followed a yelp of joy from me and a wild eruption of celebration from the crowd at Anfield.

I was ready, my phone next to me, laptop switched on. Watch out all United lovers, I was unleashed.

Victory indeed

Deciding not to take any risks, I waited till the referee blew the final whistle and the game came to an end. With a huge grin i picked up the phone to call everyone who challenged my team.

Important lesson No. 2: They may look dumb, but "United Lovers" are pretty smart .  The first three numbers I dialled were switched off. Finally I got through to my cousin...the Die-hard Manc (that’s what he called himself). Bursting with an impulse to go "Na na na na na nah," I waited for him to speak first!

"This was's not over yet. See you at Old Trafford..." At that moment I was in full tantrum mode, wanting to yell "YES it is over, we won. We proved we're better. Why can't you just admit it?"

Important lesson No. 3: The war will never end...

Guess this was about as pointless as my attempts at converting a United fan.