Royal Rumble 2011: Big News for the Biggest Royal Rumble Ever!

Stuart BroughtonContributor IIIJanuary 17, 2011

Joey Styles, former play-by-play commentator for ECW and WWE and now part of the company working on, tweeted probably the biggest wrestling-related news so far this year. AND I QUOTE:

"This year, there will be 40 participants in the Royal Rumble Match instead of 30. It will be the biggest Royal Rumble Match in history!"

Now certain questions are to arise from this exciting rumour, the first being how true it is. Last year, Styles' contract with the WWE ran out, yet he remains working for them. So is this simply a hoax he is pulling before leaving the company? Very possible.

But what if it is true? Will this confirm other rumours that WWE will be hosting a WCW-themed Wrestlemania with a tonne of old WCW superstars entering in the Rumble to make up for the numbers? WWE seems short on wrestlers due to the mass amounts of injuries occurring to some of the biggest names, so WCW could very well be turning up to one of the biggest events on the wrestling calendar.

Only time will tell, but at this time, I am sure nearly every Wrestling fan out there is getting excited for what could be the BIGGEST and BEST Royal Rumble in the history of the WWE!