Braylon Edwards Video: Watch Jets Receiver's Celebration Flip

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IJanuary 17, 2011

If nothing else, these Jets are extremely confident about themselves.

For the past two weeks, they've started the war of words (by the way, who wants the odds on when Rex Ryan will say "it's personal" with Ben Roethlisberger), and each of the last two weeks, they've backed up the talk with road wins. The game at Indy was a toss-up game that could've gone either way, but a playoff win at Foxboro against the Super Bowl favorite is very impressive.

Impressive enough that as part of the victory celebration, Braylon Edwards showed off his athleticism by doing a full backflip on the field in full view of CBS cameras, who caught it on tape. It turned out to be the second noteworthy moment after the game, as Bart Scott had an impassioned interview with Sal Paolantonio after the game.

The Jets have proven the rest of the league wrong so far by being one of the lone teams to talk a mean game and actually back it up. And there's no problem with celebrating when you walk the walk after talking the talk. But Edwards might have taken it too far by doing a full backflip that would've made Shawn Johnson proud. If you heard Phil Simms on the clip, you heard him saying he's not sure he would like his big-play receiver doing that. He probably meant what would've happened if Edwards had pulled a Kendry Morales and hurt himself doing that, but you know the Steelers have seen this as well. And they don't want anything like that happening on their field.

The Jets will continue to be the Jets and unload soundbites galore in the next six days, and as long as they continue to pull off upsets there's no problem here. There's no problem in being a coach and actually being entertaining either. But you have to think that eventually, all the talk will catch up with them.