Packers Bring The Lambeau Magic To Detroit

Stephen NowlinContributor ISeptember 14, 2008

After coming off of a victory against Minnesota on opening day, the Green Bay Packers are bringing that momentum to Detroit

After the first three touchdowns to the game it looked like the Lions had nothing to bring to the table. In the second quarter, Detroit finally put their name on the board with a field goal, and that seemed to stir up a field goal competition between the two teams: there were four consecutive kicks.

Finally, in the fourth quarter it seemed Detroit found their game and started a rally to grab a lead for the first time in the game. With just under six minutes to go in the fourth quarter and the Lions clinging to a 25-24 lead Packer fans were starting to bite their nails thinking they may have lost the magic for the day.

But it turns out Rodgers and the Packers offense were just taking a quick breather. Mason Crosby hit his second field goal of the day to give the packers the lead once again, pushing the momentum back into their hands.

The following series of attacks would prove to be the talk of the NFL for weeks to come. With Packers Defense getting two back to back interceptions with returns for TD's gave the packers an impressive 48-25 victory over the Lions.

With the explosive come back of Aaron Rodgers and the Pack, Lions fans everywhere were throwing out there televisions all across the globe in frustration. With a jaw-dropping score of 48-25, the Packers also bring a set of stats that is sure to be the best in the league.

Aaron Rodgers had 328 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, and a Completion-Attempts ratio of 24 for 38. The rushing game helped out with a total of 123 yards and 1 touchdown, showing that the Packers are starting out to be a complete package.

Can the Pack keep their momentum and stay true to their start? Are we looking at the future NFC Champions? Some would say it is to early to tell with only two games out of the way.

Will next week against the Dallas Cowboys be the deciding factor or this season? As long as Aaron Rodgers can keep his team performing at the level they are today we may be looking at the new found glory of the Green Bay Packers.