Ducks Move Up, Move Down in Polls

Jay JonesContributor ISeptember 14, 2008

September 14, 2008

By Jay Jones

The University of Oregon football team moved up, and down, in this week's polls.

In the AP Top 25 poll, the Ducks moved down from No. 16 to No. 17, flip-flopping with Penn St.

In the USA Today poll, Oregon moved up to No. 12, from last week's No. 14 ranking.

Swapping positions with Penn St. in the AP Top 25 poll is understandable considering Penn St.'s decisive wins over Coastal Carolina (Oregon's Utah State), Oregon State (Oregon's Purdue?), Syracuse (Oregon's Washington), and Oregon's less than decisive win over Purdue. It will be interesting to see how Penn St. performs at Purdue in a couple of weeks. A rematch of the 1995 Oregon-Penn St. Rose Bowl still remains a real, interesting possibility.

Actually, the move up in the USA Today poll is little bit perplexing. If University of Oregon football was a NYSE company, its stock would be heading down because of its performance against Purdue and the loss of Roper at quarterback.

Fortunately for Oregon, it think college football this year is pretty mediocre.

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