Ed Hochuli Strikes Again

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIISeptember 14, 2008

I've always hated to turn on a Chargers game and see that Ed Hochuli and his crew officiating the game, because without a shadow of a doubt he's going to make blatantly bad call against the Chargers without fail. 

It didn't take long this time.  On the Chargers first possession, Chris Chambers beat Champ Bailey for a 8 yard gain.  After Chambers was down by contact, Bailey strips the ball.  Chambers was CLEARLY down and it wasn't even close. 

Norv Turner challenged the play.

Well what do you know, Hochuli would not review play claiming that the equipment malfunctioned.  Gee what a shock, another horrible call back Ed and his crew of flunkies.

While I'm sure the equipment really was down, I have never seen that happen before and will probably never see it again. 

Free points for Denver, like they needed help.

At least these fools did a decent job in the playoffs, I thought for sure they'd make an inexplicable call, but didn't.