For 3-0 Georgia, an Ugly Win Beats a Pretty Loss

NC NighthawkAnalyst ISeptember 14, 2008

Every season, when Georgia and South Carolina meet, throw the style points out the window.

An ugly win beats a pretty loss, anytime, and especially in September.  Don't peak in September, but late in the season and for the bowl game.  Most importantly for Georgia, a win for the 45th time in 61 games against the Gamecocks.

Will Georgia drop in the rankings? Does that matter in September? Isn't the only poll or rankings that count is the final BCS poll in January 2009?  In this game, a win is more important than impressing the pollsters. The victories are simply too difficult to come by.

Second-ranked Georgia's 14-7 win Saturday at Williams-Brice Stadium was no exception to the recent series trend of sloppy, often ugly football. Somehow, the Gamecocks annually find a way to pull Georgia into the quicksand, but the Bulldogs typically manage to fight their way out.

Saturday marked the sixth time in their last eight meetings that the outcome was decided by seven points or less. Georgia has won six of the eight, but the wins have rarely been easy or aesthetically pleasing.