Top Ten Biggest Upsets In BCS History

Bleacher ReportContributor ISeptember 14, 2008

Here is my List of The Top Ten Upsets In BCS History

10. Colorado VS Oklahoma

This was just a huge upset. We have the Oklahoma powerhouse against a team in Colorado that we had heard nothing about all year. A game on FSN so most people didn't even know that this game was on, and Oklahoma loses? I mean no disrespect towards Colorado, but they're no Oklahoma.

9. Wisconsin VS Ohio State

The defending champions travel to No. 23 Wisconsin in 2003. The Badgers led by Jim Sorgi came out running. The Badgers took a 7-3 lead going into half time because of a Stanley TD run.

The Badgers padded their lead in the second half with an early field goal. Ohio State became desperate which led to Ryan Reynolds choking Jim Sorgi. Taking him out of the game, I mean Sorgi couldn't even talk. You just can't play a game like that.

Ohio State's next possession they tied the game up with a Krenzel to Jenkins pass. The Badgers would not stay down! Late in the 4th quarter the Badgers scored the game winning touchdown on a 79-yard stop and go route by Lee Evens from long time back-up quarter back Matt Schabert. Badgers Upset National Champion Ohio State 17-10

8. Oregon State Knocks Off the 2nd Ranked Bears

This is a game that you just can't lose. Losing this game on the road would of been horrible, but at home? To describe a loss this bad I'd have to create a whole new word!

Nothing against the (9-3) Beavers last year, but how can u lose this game? Your ranked 2nd, and your on the national stage and you lose? Now lets understand that they did lose this game because of back-up quarterback Kevin Reilly.

There was about 30 seconds left they had no timeouts left and he runs the ball up the middle instead of throwing the ball away. They could not spike the ball because it was now 4th down. The kicking team sprinted out on the field, and ran out of time, lost and ruined there chance to take over the No. 1 spot.

7. Syracuse upsets Louisville?

Louisville went into this game with a 20 game home win streak, and they were favored by 36 1/2 points. Now with Brian Brohmat quarterback throwing for over 500 yards. Now this is a great upset because i still don't understand how Syracuse won this game!

6. Cincinnati VS Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Badgers were coming off an 11-1 win season and a Rose Bowl Victory over UCLA. The Badgers were a Top Five ranked team, and had national championship hopes. Cincinnati was coming off a two win season the year before, and back in 2000 they were still in Conference USA.

This game was suppose to have been won by the Badgers by so much that this game wasn't even televised locally. I honestly believe that Cincinnati didn't beat the Badgers.... The Badgers would have lost this game to a pee wee team from Montana. That is how bad the Badgers played in this game.

5. Pittsburgh defeats West Virginia

West Virginia had one thing to do to play in the national championship game, and that was beat a mediocre Pittsburgh team at home. I don't think West Virginia was mentally prepared for this game by Rich Rodriquez, and isn't it ironic that two weeks later Rich Rodriquez took the Michigan Job?

I think that Rich Rodriguez no longer cared about this West Virgina team. He knew he wasn't going to be there for the National Championship game so why have them go?

4. California Knocks of the Titan

The No. 1 ranked USC travels to California only to hit a brick wall. One of the greatest games in past memory. The game went into triple overtime Cal stopped USC on 3rd down and forced them to kick the field goal....he missed.

All the Cal Bears had to do is kneel the ball and kick the 37-yard field goal to knock off their No. 1 ranked rivals. Sounds pretty easy but Cal's kicker Tyler Fredrickson had been blocked by USC in his last two field goal attempts, but not this time. Tyler hit the biggest field goal attempt of his life. Fans rushed onto the field and Cal picked up Tyler and held him in the air.

3. Appalachian State At Michigan

Division 1-A Powerhouse App St. goes into the big house to face the 5th ranked Michigan Wolverines. A small town college trapped in the mountains goes up against the team with the most wins in NCAA history.

Appalachian State was faster than Michigan and played with much more heart, and that is why one of the biggest upsets of all time happened. Well that and a block field goal as time expired.

2. Stanford At USC

As a 41 point underdog the Stanford Cardinals marched into USC and shocked the college football world. Who would of guessed that Stanford was going to be ready to play this game after their Head Coach Jim Harbaugh said "USC might be the best team ever."  After Stanford's game winning lob touchdown, it made us believe that anything can happen.

For my No. 1 biggest upset of the BCS Era

The Biggest Upset of all time is....... Boise State VS Oklahoma.

The small school Boise State Broncos go into the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl as a underdog against a great Oklahoma Sooners team. They battled with the much faster Sooners and Adrain Peterson for a full four quarters. At the end of regulation the score was tied at 35.

In the first overtime Oklahoma got the ball first and scored. Boise State needed a score or their perfect season would be over. Boise State scored on a five yard pass from Vinny Perretta to Derek Schouman. They need an extra point to win and upset the powerhouse Oklahoma.

Boise State Head Coach Chris Peterson decided to go for the win. Boise States hopes for the undefeated season came down to this one play. They ran the Statue of Liberty play the Oklahoma defence had never seen this play before and were so confused Ian Johnson was able to walk into the end zone to win the game for the undefeated season beating one of the best college dynasties ever.


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