Nebraska regains some of it's "old school " feel in win over NMSU

Bleacher ReportAnalyst ISeptember 14, 2008

Coming into the game Saturday night against New Mexico St, there were still some questions that remained unanswered regarding the Nebraska Cornhuskers of 2008.

Could the offensive line be counted on to be a driving force for this team?  Would Marlon Lucky regain some of the form that seemed to be missing in the first two games?

The answer to both questions at this point is yes.  The offensive line knocked off some of the rust from the previous two games and knocked the New Mexico St. Aggies defense off the ball all night long. 

Maybe the return of tackle Lydon Murtha, who was missing the first two games was all that this unit needed. It all started up front last night with the offensive line seeming to work as a cohesive unit that hadn't been seen up until now. 

With the offensive line making holes and creating lanes, Marlon Lucky was able to find his stride and get downfield into the second level of defenders all night long.

An extra special shout out needs to go to the entire group of wide receivers last night.  T. Peterson, N. Swift, N. Paul, and M. Holt all provided great blocking downfield throughout the night. 

This was esepcially apparent in the success that Nebraska and J. Ganz had in running more than a handful of old school option plays.  The kind of plays that make Nebraska fans smile with pride and remember the days of Gill, Frazier, Frost and Crouch.

All in all, not a bad game but it does need to be taken with a grain of salt and some perspective, as this was New Mexico St and it was their first game.

If the Cornhuskers can continue to run the ball and defend like they did last night over the next few weeks, they will shock the college football world.