Better Late than Never with NFC West Picks

TJ BuzzeoCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2008

1) Seattle Seahawks


They don’t have any healthy wide- receivers, a couple of running backs who never lived up to their  draft day expectations, a quarterback who needs back surgery and a defense led by washed up veterans.  So, why do I think they will win the Western division?  Two reasons, one the Seahawks always win the division and because this division is so bad they can compete.


Final Record: 8-8


2) San Francisco49ers


The Niners are the team that probably should win this division.  They have a lot of talent that will help bring this team back to its glory days.  Frank Gore and Vernon Davis are offensive threats that every team not from San Diego would like to have at the halfback and tight- end positions.  Also, Patrick Willis is a brick wall defensively and should only get better with experience.


Two things held me back from picking them to win the division.  One is my reason for picking the Seahawks they always win the division why should this year change?  My other reason is can I really pick J.T. O’Sullivan to lead a team to the promise land?  I really don’t think I can at this point, and for the record Alex Smith would not have changed my mind either.


Final Record: 7-9


3) Arizona Cardinals


I have been picking the Cardinals for several years now as my sleeper pick and I finally get it, there is not going to be successful football in Arizona.  Like everyone else I think that Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald make up the best receiver tandem in the game and that Adrian Wilson is one of the sickest safeties in all of football.  I think Kurt Warner or Matt Leinart for that matter is good enough to win in the NFL especially with those receivers and I think the ground game with Edgerrin James should be good enough to control the clock.


But none of this happens in the games.  Boldin and Fitzgerald put up great numbers and so does Wilson, but after that the Cardinals are a figment of my imagination.  James gets the ball 20-25 times a game, but only gains about three yards a carry.  Warner (or Leinart) makes enough mistakes to lose games and the defense as always plays like Swiss cheese.


Final Record: 5-11


4) St. Louis Rams


The Rams are now a shell of their former selves.  They have big play makers on both sides of the ball like Torry Holt and Steven Jackson on offense and defensively they have Leonard Little and Cory Chavous. 


Now look at their number for week one and they are not impressive.  Holt had only one catch for nine yards, Jackson had 14 carries only amounting to 40 yards (even though he did have that one catch where he got lit up and made the only positive highlight for the Rams).  Leonard Little did not record a tackle and Cory Chavous only had six. 


They also, have some promise at the Quarterback position because by the time Marc Bulger goes down with an injury it may be late enough in the season for Trent Green to stay healthy for the rest of the way.  Let’s be honest its not going to matter.


Final Record: 3-13