College Football Week Three: What We Learned

David CohenSenior Analyst ISeptember 14, 2008

Week three is over and done with, so what's the new developments that we learned after the games? Consider these:

To hell with Michigan:

 Michigan looked like they didn’t know what rain is. They fumbled the ball seven times—that is pathetic. They made the Fighting Irish look like a good football team.

A week ago, San Diego State Head Coach, Chuck Long, was asked if Notre Dame or Cal Poly was tougher...he had to think about it!

Michigan disgraced their conference and themselves. But Charlie Weis had karma reach around and snap his knee at the end.

Tom Brady went to Michigan and now he and Coach Weis have the exact same injury. Coincidence?

The Big Ten (with eleven teams) stinks:

Right now, Northwestern and Minnesota sit atop the league standings. Ohio State and Michigan...the bottom.

This week really showed the weakness of the conference. Ohio State got drummed like everyone thought they would against a team made for football played in this century.

Purdue was given the game against Oregon a couple of times and ended up losing to the third and fourth string quarterbacks in overtime, Illinois barely survived Louisiana Lafayette, and then there was Michigan.

Minnesota also had a competitive game against Montana State. Wisconsin, on paper, is better than Fresno State but had to tough out a three point win.

It seems that only Penn State is interested in actually making positive statements on the field in the Big Ten.

Chink in Georgia’s Armor:

The Bulldogs have a weakness, and Steve Spurrier exposed it. The Bulldogs can’t stop speedy tight ends running go routes. They refuse to adjust defensively to this type of weapon. Isolate their linebackers on a receiving target, and you’re bound for a completion or holding penalty.

If Georgia refuses to adjust to things happening in-game, they won’t beat Florida. This game is also telling of perhaps another slugfest when they play Auburn.

No one to challenge the Trojans:

It’s clear that the Pac-10 is a league of USC, and then the rest of the field. There is no team in the conference that should be able to hang with them for four quarters. All the “contenders” found themselves in trouble yesterday.

California was expected to roll through Maryland, but got beaten and basically trailed throughout. Coach Tedford always has a loss like this every year, good thing he got it out of the way before expectations were too high.

Arizona State lost at home to UNLV. The game went to OT and the Sun Devils had a tying field goal attempt blocked to lose. They were supposed to be the best competition for USC, but they are too inconsistent to be trusted, as yesterday showed.

A lot of people liked Arizona as a sleeper team, but they couldn’t beat New Mexico.

UCLA performed a miracle against Tennessee, they were then exercised by the Mormons 59-0, and Bruins QB Kevin Craft only threw one pick.

Oregon barely survived, and may have to use freshman quarterbacks to get by with the injury bug biting them again. They are the only other team in the conference without a loss.

Once again it seems if USC does its job, they will play in Miami.

What happened to Rutgers?

After a great year, the Scarlet Knights lost some players. But you would expect the program to build from its success. Not so fast. Rutgers got beat down again at home, this time by ACC bottom dweller North Carolina. They have been outscored at home 68-19. What a difference a year makes.

Poor Temple:

Last week, they lost a field goal kicking contest in OT against Connecticut after the Huskies robbed them last year in the final seconds on a bogus call by the refs and yesterday, they outplayed Buffalo, but lose via Hail Mary in the final seconds.

Losing is a tough habit to break, but Temple is being punished.

Monster shootout in Big 12 looming:

All signs point to an Oklahoma vs. Missouri showdown at the end of the season, which could possibly determine a championship game participant if the Trojans stumble and Florida and Georgia don’t get it done.

Both teams have the offense—Missouri is the top scoring team in the country, averaging 57.7 points a game and Oklahoma is averaging 54.7 a game. Both teams have dynamic offenses with great quarterbacks leading the way.

The variable is their defenses—Oklahoma looks like they can actually play some, that’s why I would give them the edge if the two teams played tomorrow.

It’s time for Terrelle Pryor:

I don’t know what happened to Todd Boeckman, but he isn’t good right now. He was overwhelmed on the big stage again last night. Meanwhile, Pryor came into the game in stints and actually looked composed and knew what he wanted to do. He was the lone bright spot for the Buckeyes—he showed he can handle the big stage.

Now it’s time to loosen the chains and let him go. At the very least, he should be getting half the snaps. He is the team's leading rusher this season, and him paired with a healthy Beanie Wells could make the Buckeyes hard to contain on offense.

Right now their receivers aren’t good enough to beat elite teams on their own. After three games, no Ohio State receiver has a hundred yards on the year.

If defenses have to stack the box to try and contain Pryor and Wells, it could open up the entire offense.

If Tressel stays the course like he usually does, he’s bound to get embarrassed again. And he might not have to wait long. The Buckeyes play another band of Trojans next week, and Troy has come close to a mega upset every year for the last few years. They are searching for their “we’ve arrived” win. A demoralized Ohio State team might finally give it to them.

That’s week three. Hopefully the upsets keep on coming.


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