Will the Rams Beat the Giants ?

john dmytruk@@jaredthecat1Correspondent ISeptember 14, 2008

I cannot tell you whether they can or can't be the Giants, but I do know a couple of quick changes, short of firing Linehan, that might help.

Thursday, a friend in work, told me that Boomer Essien thinks that Rams will beat the Giants. I think Boomer my have taken one too many hits to the head. Those of us who know this team has a multi-personality disorder, will warn you that one never knows which personality will show up on Sunday. Partly because they have a coach that can't center on personality, like a winning personality.

For the Rams to beat the Giants, they have to get to Manning. Last week against Washington, he completed 19 passes in 35 attempts with one interception unlike Bulger who did not throw an interception for once. But this all rest on the Rams Offense who has to control the flow of the game and score points. They have to make it easier on the defense. Saunders has to go back to fundamental football.

Saunder's system has been described as quick rythem balance attack the focus on first downs. In the first down department last week, they managed only 8 first downs in 24:50 while Phillie manged 28 first downs and five touchdowns in 35: 10 minutes. Let me suggest this that when the opposing team starts to pile on the points first downs become secondary to to quick scores which eventually adds to the interception and sack columns, and eventually wearing down your own defense. Remember you want to wear down the opposing defense.

For the Rams to beat the Giants, Saunders needs to put his system aside and go back to fundamentals. One suggestion like cutting down mental errors such as I don't know false starts. Then make the team realize that you don't need to the whole ten yards in one chunk. Gaining four yards per down in three plays you have the first down. When slowly gaining yardage, you keep the defense out on the field and eat up the clock.

So, the Rams can win if they rattle Manning enough and if they play a simplified and error free offense.

Also, this same friend wants to how the Rams could get rid of an All Pro Quarterback, Kurt Warner, for Marc Bulger? I just don't have the answer.