Down to This

AlexAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2008

Sixteen; that is the number of games that will likely define this season in the next two plus weeks. The Twins are about to start their 10-game road-trip with a double header against the Baltimore Orioles, and after the three-game set, will travel to Cleveland to play their final regular season outdoor baseball. The final ten games of the 2008 season will be played indoors, including six inside the Metrodome.

When the team travels to Tampa Bay in five days, the series could turn into a Wild Card battle. The Twins are six games back in the Wild Card standings to Boston, but Tampa Bay leads the Red Sox by just two games in the East and if they take the lead in the division by Thursday, the four-game set in Florida could be a series that closes the Wild Card gap.

Hopefully though, the Twins won't be worrying about the Wild Card. The first two games of the White Sox-Detroit series have already been postponed. They'll attempt to play a double-header again tomorrow, and will then likely make the other up on their final off-day. We need to root for the Yankees and Royals in the meantime, hopefully they can take care of the Sox and the Twins can stick within a game, and even possibly take the division lead.

This road-trip could make or break the season, but on September 23rd if the Twins are in the division lead or just a game back, the three-game set with the White Sox at the Metrodome could decide how good this 2008 season really is.