This Could Get Crazy

AlexAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2008

We all know how crazy baseball can be, but the finish of this 2008 season could be just as crazy as some of the team's games this season. With the White Sox vs. Tigers double-header rained out today, they'll attempt to do it again tomorrow. After that however, they'll still have one more game, and neither share the same off-day in the final two weeks.

From La Velle:

The White Sox had their doubleheader with the Tigers rained out today. They’ll play two on Sunday - with a makeup game with the Tigers left.

When will that game be played?

The White Sox have an off-day on Sept. 22 - the Tigers don’t.

Know what that means? If the White Sox are within 1/2 game of the Twins after Sept. 28, they will make up the game with the Tigers on Mon., Sept. 29. If there’s a tie after that, a one-game Twins-Sox playoff would go down on the 30th - with the ALDS possibly starting on Wed., Oct. 1.