ROUNDTABLE: Loss to Rays source of concern?

Evan BrunellFeatured ColumnistSeptember 14, 2008

Once a week, you’ll hear from numerous Red Sox bloggers on the Internet on a Red Sox related issue, and we’ll aggregate the answers here. Answers are placed in the order they were received. Thanks to everyone for participating!

Was the series loss to the Rays at Fenway Park cause for concern? Why?

“No. Although losing two of the three games was not ideal, I don’t feel any different than I did before the series. It’s no secret that
the Rays are a strong team and I expected the games to be close. (It should be more of the same in Tampa this week.) A lucky break here or there could have given the Red Sox wins in either of the last two games. … A plea to Tito: Stop batting Ellsbury leadoff! — Allan, Joy of Sox

“This series will uplift the Rays more than it will crush the Sox. That said, we missed a golden opportunity to jump ahead. Now the pressure is on the Sox. Problem is, they’ve struggled against the good teams all year, while beating up on the dregs of the league: “contenders” - 16-22 vs LAA, CWS, MIN, TB / “dregs” - 39-15 vs BAL, KC, OAK, SEA, TEX. When you look at the Rays (21-15 vs contenders / 32-15 vs dregs), and you factor in the dramatic wins from this series (in Fenway mind you)… the Rays look more like a playoff team than the Red Sox do. Many were saying the opposite just 3 days ago.” — Bottom Line Rob, The Bottom Line (more…)