NFL and Coors Light: The Top 10 Funniest Commercials

Brandon LopezContributor IJanuary 16, 2011

NFL and Coors Light: The Top 10 Funniest Commercials

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    Coors Light and NFL FanBrian Bahr/Getty Images

    There has not been one Coors Light interview commercial that I haven't laughed at, so I decided to make a slideshow of my top 10. I did my best to pick my favorite ones but it was hard to choose which ones I liked more.

    There are many more that didn't even make this list. These commercials have been going on for a couple of years now—unusual for a company to stick with one marketing technique for so long.

    I'm glad they did stick with it though and hope they continue to do so.

    "Coach! Coach! Coach!"

    (Sorry for the quality of some of the videos)

Jimmy Johnson

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    Coach Jimmy Johnson stays calm throughout the whole commercial and talks about the new vented Coors Light can.

    Then he gets criticized about his hairspray use at the end of the commercial.


    Favorite Part:

    Question: "Hey Coach, in one word, what makes the vented can special?"

    JJ: "Flow, F-L-O-W"

    He says it with a nice flow too.

Romeo Crennel

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    In this commercial the interviewers are asking Coach Romeo Crennel about being a ladies man. I'm not sure if Coach Crennel is really happening with the ladies but his responses are awesome.


    Favorite Part:

    Question: "Coach Romeo, in your experience what happens after a woman turns you down?"

    Romeo: "If I knew I'd tell you, but I don't know."

    Interviewer: "Oh, well congratulations."

Jim Mora: Triangle Shirt

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    In this one Jim Mora is being made fun of because he says he saw the blue Rockies when they won the division, but that hadn't been invented yet.

    Then he gets picked on about his shirt, which you got to admit is ugly.


    Favorite Part:

    Interviewer: "Please nod if you like the following: A taste as cold as the Rockies, cold activated bottles, shirts with random triangles."

    Jim Mora nods throughout.

Dennis Green: That's The Draft

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    This one I think was around the NFL Draft which makes it a little more funny.

    Coach Green's expressions are awesome in this commercial.


    Favorite Part:

    Question: "Coach, I like my Coors Light poured from a tap. Uh, whats that called again?"

    Dennis Green: "Who knows what that's called? That's the draft okay."

    I like the way Coach Green says it.

Mike Ditka

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    Mike Ditka is hilarious in this commercial. His answers kind of make him look like an alcoholic.


    Favorite Part:

    Question: "Coach Ditka! Playoff season is like six weeks long. You stocking up on cold refreshing Coors Light?"

    Ditka: "Well I'm going to have more today than I did yesterday, I'm going to have more tomorrow than I had today."


Brian Billick: The Leprechaun

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    The leprechaun in this commercial is awesome and is unexpected at the end.

    This one could have been in the top three.


    Favorite Part:

    Question: "Coach, can a leprechaun refresh his buddies with a Coors Light?"

    Billick: "As long as they act like men I will treat them like men."

    Leprechaun: "Thanks coach"

    The leprechaun's voice is classic.

Bill Parcels: Big Foot

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    Another make-believe character makes an appearance in this Coors Light commercial as Big Foot is at the interview.


    Favorite Part:

    Question: "Coach, do you believe in Big Foot?"

    Parcells: "Uh, I would have to see some visual evidence."

    (Big Foot is standing right next to the guy, and he gives a little nod towards Big Foot)

    The interviewers face standing next to Big Foot makes it very funny.

Herm Edwards: You Play to Win

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    Herm Edwards is brilliant in this interview. He makes it very clear that you play to win.

    Then he gets a question that he didn't appreciate...


    Favorite Part:

    Question: "Do you ever play to lose the game? Hahaha."

    Herm: "Get out!"

    Interviewer: "You get out. Hahaha."

    Herm Edwards then gives him the death stare. I laughed at this one for quite a while.

Jim Mora: Playoffs?!

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    This has to be one of the best press conferences ever.

    Jim Mora goes off about being asked about the playoffs during the regular season. This press conference makes for an even better Coors Light commercial.


    Favorite Part:

    Question: "Coach theres going to be girls at this party, do you think we should talk to them about the playoffs?"

    Mora: "Playoffs!? Don't talk about playoffs!? Playoffs!?"


Dennis Green: Stolen Beer

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    The No. 1 spot goes to Coach Dennis Green for this Coors Light commercial that ends with him leaving to look for his beer that someone stole.


    Favorite Part:

    Interviewer: "Coach, those guys that took your beer they went that way."

    Coach Green quietly walks off the the stage to go after his beer.

    Interviewer: "Those guys are toast."

    I think I laughed for a week straight because of this one.

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