Opinions: Are we having fun yet?

Mordecai BrownerAnalyst IOctober 15, 2006

IconSo Iowa loses at Indiana (and yes, even though I hate Indiana right now, I'm happy for Terry Hoeppner) and Georgia goes down against Vanderbilt.  Both of these were potential top ten at the start of the year, and now they're lucky to crack anybody's top 25.  Speaking of which, has anyone else noticed the mass of teams between about no. 10 and no. 40 this year?  I blame a few things.  First, no one in the ACC or SEC wants to assert themselves as the top team in the conference.  In the ACC, this gives us 5 teams that might be title contenters, but none worthy of the top 15.  In the SEC, it means we have 4 teams all around number 10.

Looking at the schedule, it looks like the BCS hopes now rest entirely on USC winning out to force an undisputed matchup between them and the Big Ten champ.  If they go down, we're looking at a slew of one-loss teams, which is always more fun...

But WAIT - we have THREE Big East teams still undefeated.  That's right, out of the six major conferences, the weak sister has half of the six undefeateds left.  And Boise State is actually not looking as bad as forcasted in the computer polls.  Granted, the Big East schools all play each other still, but it's looking more fun every week for the BSC sadists.

Spekaing of fun, Larry Coker isn't having any on the field.  It's one thing when your program used to compete for national titles with thugs.  It's another when your program sucks and is full of players go thugish that a start a fight WITH A WINLESS SUN BELT SCHOOL, where one of your players starts using his helmet as a club (inventive) and another starts going Albert Haynesworth on a guy's hands.  31 suspensions from both schools in an ACC versus Sun Belt showdown.  Yikes.  Talk about the mighty falling.

Here I might mention Illinois losing to a MAC school at home, but they aren't mighty.