Sean McDermott Fired: Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Coordinator Sent Packing

Jason KarlAnalyst IIIJanuary 15, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles secondary coach Sean McDermott directs the defense  against the Dallas Cowboys November 14, 2005 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.  The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 21 - 20.  (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
A. Messerschmidt/Getty Images


The Philadelphia Eagles finally fired their defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, the team announced Saturday. The 36-year-old McDermott just was not good enough.

His in-game adjustments were poor and almost nonexistent, and his bonehead play-calling cost the Eagles probably half their losses this year.

Even though head coach Andy Reid said in a recent press conference that McDermott would be retained, there was obviously a change of heart and plans.

McDermott tried to stick with the aggressive blitzing defense of predecessor Jim Johnson, but to much dismay he could not generate much pressure.

Not all blame can be placed on McDermott, as there were many injuries on the defensive front, including impressive rookies Brandon Graham and Nate Allen.

The defense gave up 31 touchdown passes, and there red-zone defense was one of the worst in the NFL, especially evidenced in the Packers Wild Card game, in which Green Bay went three for three in scoring touchdowns from within 20 yards.

Another example of the idiocy of McDermott was in the Titans game, when Kenny Britt was routinely beating Ellis Hobbs on deep balls.

When asked why he did not put star cornerback Asante Samuel on Britt, McDermott said it was something he could not mess with. Are you kidding me, McDermott?

Is there really a difference in playing on the other side of the field? No! McDermott though thought so.

I guess the real question now centers on who will replace McDermott.

Secondary coach Dick Jauron will probably be the favorite.