Marquez beats old Casamayor

noning antonioContributor ISeptember 14, 2008

     Juan Manuel Marquez once again proved that he is now an added attraction to the lightweight division after beating Ring Magazine Lightweight Champion Joel Casamayor.

    Based on my observation on the concluded fight, Marquez won the fight but in a hard way and earlier in the rounds was threatened to loose with the right job and straight left thrown by Casamayor. He was rocked several times with the shots from the aging opponent.

    Obviously, Casamayor was notably sluggish comparing with the young Marquez. He is no longer the usual fighter several years ago and Marquez is lucky to fight aging Casamayor for his lightweight debut fight.

    If Casamayor has Lightweight Champion Manny Pacquiao, on the ring that night, he might suffered much damage than Marquez have inflicted on him and definitely the fight would not go to a distance. Notably Casamayor's punches were not damaging and the worse is was his defense.

   Casamayor have showned a very weak defensive skills that night prompted Marquez to capitalized it until the eleven round. Yes, Casamayor is great fighter and future Hall of Fame inductee, but his greatness has come to an end. He has to hang his glove for good and live a healthier life with his family.     

    Lastly, i was not totally satisfied with the performance of Marquez. I might say former Lightweight Champion Davis Diaz, whom Pacquiao heavily battered, was a more strong and good defensive boxer than aging Casamayor. (Noning R. Antonio)